Since I started my new job, I’ve really started to love commuting to work. I’ve got myself into a lovely routine whereby I really enjoy my mornings walking to the bus, getting to work and being in the right mind-frame ready to work (it’s normally documented on my Instagram Stories). Part of this has been listening to a podcast whilst on my journey.

There are so many great podcasts out there, which I’m sure many of you are listening to. Here are just some of my absolute favourites…

The Debrief Podcast

If you are twenty-something millenial trying to navigate life, this is the perfect podcast for you. Stevie and Tessa provide you with a weekly how-to guide on life. From money to organisation and even an episode on how to poo properly (don’t step away just yet! It’s actually really insightful!) it’s a great podcast to helping you become an adult on step at a time.

Get It Off Your Breasts

Another great discussional podcast with a difference. This podcast is a female-led roundtable with unfiltered conversations. The ladies discuss a mix of modern day issue that really grates on us. My favourite episode is the first one featuring Gizzi Erskine, Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird, talking about clean eating, influencers and infidelity. The perfect podcast for awakening your inner girl power.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

If you need a laugh in the morning, you need to listen to this podcast! Fall into the exclusive world of Belinda Blumenthal, the Queen of Pots & Pans. Rocky Flintstone has put his thoughts to paper and his son Jamie along with his friends James and Alice, read a chapter a week. It’s bloody brilliant! Pure genius. Book three (yes, there has been three series of this podcast) ending was an absolute cliff-hanger. You have until next year before they start on book four so get listening now!

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

I love Giovanna Fletcher and though I have not read her latest book (as I’m not expecting a baby) I do quite enjoy listening to her podcast. She sits down with some of her mum friends and they talk about their experiences of motherhood. It’s lovely to hear women get behind each other and it’s also nice to hear the truth about motherhood. It’s funny and it’s heart-warming- I love it!


What podcasts do you love listening to?