I’ve become seriously interior-obsessed recently. And by recently, I mean the past year and a bit. There have not been many changes that I’ve made to my home, but it doesn’t stop me from reading the pile of home/ interior magazines that I’ve got access to at my job (work can be, SO hard sometimes…) and of course, Instagram & Pinterest. There are some seriously gorgeous interior trends that I’m loving right now.

These trends have been around for a while but have also gradually evolved, changing with the tastes of the seasons. There’s been a massive shift in interior styling. It’s become much simpler, more refined. I’m channelling some these into different rooms…



This is a trend I’m seriously craving right now. If focuses on craftsmanship and quality. I’m also moving away from my love for all white furniture and embracing some dark woods into my home. I’ve always adored a plant-stand but found the eye-watering prices just too much to convince my husband buying one is life or death. Luckily, I love a good DIY project and managed to whip one up of my own. In the future, I hope to invest in some sturdy furniture, such as this gorgeous storage unit.


Natural Textures

Something I have seen popping up everywhere is a lot more of nature coming into a home (and not just because of a love for indoor plants). Fabric, wood and stone- it’s also about colour as well as the material itself. I’ve seen many an interiors magazine that are decorated with calico-decorated cushions, crystals and faux-fur. I picked up my new textured cushions from HomeSense not long ago– and I’m loving them! And whilst I have THAT Ikea sheep rug in my bedroom, I’m looking for something much more natural in colour. Mine is far too white.  I’m also dying to get my hands on these gorgeous rose quartz bookends- perfect for bringing that look into the house!


Such a Basket Case

Baskets have exploded into our homes! I’m guilty of having nearly one in every room in the house and I don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon! They are ideal stylish storage solution, as well as adding the texture look into your home. Placing gorgeous home plants into these baskets gives your home that total minimal California-living look. Whilst the one in our bedroom was from good old HomeSense, this red and natural seagrass basket can be found here. Great for adding colour subtly into your home.


The New Marble

I’m calling it now, white marble is on the way out! It had a great run and I think there will be certain items such as a cheeseboard that will continue to be the classic colour. But for major items, I think different coloured marbles are going to be a huge hit this Autumn/ Winter. Recently, I invested in this gorgeous table lamp, in this luxe green marble colour. Placed on top of some stacked books, it looks perfectly elevated and adds something to my sideboard (which btw, is back in stock!) Trust me, you’re going to see a lot more marble that’s not the traditional white colour….


What’re your favourite interior trends at the moment? Read more of my interior posts here.