I truly love blogging and working full time. I love earning my own money, making a career for myself. Also, I love having a blog that not only is a hobby but also makes a few pennies on the side (hello Glossier haul!).

The only downside to balancing the two in my life is that something always gives. For me, I know that it is my general wellbeing. Taking time off for me and just have some TLC is just something I don’t always prioritise for myself. And I really should! Well from today, I’m making a big change in that department. You don’t have to completely change your lifestyle over to achieve this (no kale shakes here!) It’s just enforcing a few thing in your life to give you total mind and body balance and goodness!

Fitness & Working Out

This is not my forte but something that I’m constantly trying to achieve in my life. Recently, due to a shoulder injury, I’m limited to what I can do. However, this should never stop you from doing something. For me, I’m looking towards doing some swimming or running. Running is ideal, it’s free (just step outside and run on the path near your home) and is the full all over body workout. To give you added motivation, I would always advise getting some gorgeous workout clothes to make you feel good. Recently, I am just loving the new gym kit from Jack Wills. It’s a gorgeous mix of casual wear and gym clothing. Whatever your fitness routine, there’s a gym kit for you!!

Step Away From Technology

This is the most important thing that I would recommend for anyone, but particularly for bloggers. Working in Digital Marketing, I’m constantly looking at a screen in my home and work life. I’m trying very hard to have at least an hour when I get home from work away from any screens. Harder than it sounds! Resisting looking at my phone straight away is torture but so worth it. Instead, I’ll have a sit down with a cuppa and the record player playing one of my favourite artists. Or, I might read- I’m currently obsessed with Hilary Clinton’s new book. I might even have a power nap, even if I don’t fall asleep I will lay down on the sofa and just close my eyes. Pure bliss!


Make The Most Of Pampering Yourself

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday evening is my nails. I get really into the activity and for that entire hour- that’s all I am about. I’m so obsessed with getting them perfect I can feel myself feeling completely relaxed and tuning out from everything else. If you can give yourself five minutes or five hours, always ensure you give yourself that time to give yourself a little TLC. A mini facial, face mask, tanning yourself- whatever is your jam!


Have A Declutter

Bear with me on this one. As a Type A person, when something feels off balanced in my life- there is nothing better and a bit of a throwout. I can channel all my energy into tidy a space and whilst throwing out things that are not wanted or not sparking any joy in my life, I can feel the negative energy leaving. You will also find your mind can completely shut off from everything else and once it’s completed, I feel totally calm and centred. Give it a go and tell me how it goes for you.

Get Outside

I really enjoy commuting to work. Not when I am on the bus surrounded by children who think it’s their personal moving jungle gym. But to get to my bus stop from home it takes about 15 minutes to walk. Now, when it’s pouring down with rain, I’m not loving life. But when the weather is just right, I adore walking, breathing in the fresh air, listening to some music or a podcast. It’s also a way to do a LIT workout with hardly any effort. On the way home, I may even get off a few stops earlier, just so I can walk down the river bank and enjoy the journey a little more. For you, this could be going on a walk with the dog on the weekend. Or even an Instagram walk- essentially where you go for a walk and stockpile pictures for your Instagram.


I would love to know, what do you do to keep your wellness in check? Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.


This post features an advertorial from Jack Wills.