Meet my plant babies!

If any of my interior posts are to go by, I do love a good house plant. They are the ideal way to bring life and colour into your home. I’ve been collecting our houseplants for a while, all picked in mind for easy care but looking totally decorative in our home. Whilst I do love my plant babies, I’ve not got time to be constantly looking after them- probably why I’m not having a real baby right now…

If you are looking to update your home with some house plants, here are just a few of my faves that are super easy to look after!



For your first ever plant baby, Succulents are the way to go- especially when you put them in a terrarium. If you need help on how to build one, I did a mini post a while back that talks through the basics of what you need. Succulents are great because once you get them set up- they need an initial watering and then they are good for the odd spritz once a week. Ideal as well if you have a small place and not a lot of floor space.


Areca Palm

This is the first born when it comes to the order I purchased my plants. He wasn’t doing well where he originally was so I moved him to the bedroom to give him a bit of TLC. The Plam feels very jungle like and it’s really great at brightening a corner and filling space without taking up too much room! Palms need trimming back every now and then but they only need watering once a week. If you have a hard corner that needs filling- this plant is ideal.


Monstera Deliciosa

This plant is the ultimate plant that is popping up on Instagram– which is probably why I got one. This plant is just so good looking and can really modernise your home! Monstera Deliciosa looks great in a mid-century plant stand. I stand by the fact that it is so easy and cheaper to make your own plant stand than buying one that costs hundreds of pounds. This plant needs a little more care, as the leaves get bigger, they will start to fall downwards. If you want it to keep heading upwards you are going to have to tie it to a base point, which usually comes with the plant. However, they only need watering once a week- ideal for chic, modern apartments for anyone who lives a busy life.


Dracaena Fragrans

This one is more like a mini tree than a plant. But that’s the reason why I love it so much. It adds something different than other plants do. The Corn Plant as it is more commonly known is great for placing in South facing light (which our flat is and with floor to ceiling windows, some plant’s don’t always do well in this light) as it thrives on it. Like the rest of my plant babies, its great for a weekly water and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance as the leaves can last for a long time before they need cutting. It grows slowly too, which means less pruning than other plants need. Very much perfect for the lazy gardener.

Which of these plants is your favourite? What plants are you now going to be investing in?