There’s nothing more I love in my home than a bunch of fresh blooms. Every now and then, I love to get a bunch from my local M&S Food Hall and decorate my sideboard with florals. It’s a lovely welcome when you come through your door after a hard days work and see some a little bouquet of delight.

Fresh flowers can be as expensive or cheap as you like- it depends on what you go for. They can also be surprisingly easy to care for- which can sometimes put people off from committing to an expensive bouquet. Why wait for someone to buy you flowers when you can get your perfect bunch now?


Blooming Marvelous!

When choosing and caring for your fresh blooms, there are a few things you need to consider…

First is the type of floral arrangement. You want something that invokes a feeling or a memory. With these ones pictured above, I saw this in the store and it took me back to my wedding day. These are almost the exact flowers I had in my wedding bouquet! It could be the type of flower, the smell or the colour. If you don’t feel joy when you see them- there’s no point in buying them.

Next is the elaboration of the bouquet. Think about your room decor or the event you are buying them for. With our all white walls and furniture, I like to go for something with a little colour and wow factor. However, if I was getting a bunch for a dinner party, I would go for some simple green leaves and a smaller bouquet. You don’t want people not being able to see each across the table due to the size of the arrangement.

It’s also worth taking into consideration the seasons and working with what’s available now. Peonies are my fave along with Hydrangeas. However, nowhere locally sells Hydrangeas and I only get about two weeks of stocking my home with Peonies. Come Spring, a gorgeous display of tulips will look beautiful on your coffee table. Come winter, I’m looking for something more rustic and maybe even some long twigs covered in sparkles.

To keep your arrangement in that rounded shape, I always keep them tied up. For fresh, longer-lasting blooms, always cut the bottoms on a diagonal. Remove any leaves that would be in the water; otherwise, they will rot. Have fresh cold water and use the plant food where it is provided. Think about your vase too. Something like the arrangement I have needs a wider vase, whereas Lillies need a tall vase to help hold their shape. You also don’t need to spend that much on a vase- something simple will last a lifetime.

I hope you liked this type of post. Let me know if you want me to do something similar on any other topics!