6 Months of Marriage | an Update

6 Months of Marriage | an Update

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be that person but…..

Tomorrow will officially be six months of marriage for Lee and I. I cannot believe the time that has passed since that lovely day in New York City.

In these last six months, so much has changed. Not only did I get a new name (I think I’m okay with introducing myself as my full name but not quite use to Mrs Griffin yet…) but mine and Lee’s relationship has altered since getting married. It’s weird, it’s not different and we are the same people, but something has shifted for the better. It sounds so bad from one point of view but we are a more of a tight-knit unit. We work better as a partnership. Lee has also been more vocal in his affections- not that I never heard nice comments or words prior to putting a ring on it- but I’ve noticed how much more he compliments me and tells me how awesome I am. It’s the same back, I am very aware of how much a small compliment can go along way.

Our lifestyle has also changed. Fewer meals out and more wanting to spend time in our own home. We have our set TV shows that we love to sit down and watch together. We have our lunch prep routine in the evening on workdays. This is more due down to the fact that we are wanting to put as much money away as possible to save for the future but I also think we have settled more into a routine that we did before prior in our relationship.

Speaking of the future. We have talked about it. If you are wanting to know when we will be creating mini humans, it won’t be for a while. Our main priority is to get out of renting and into a house we own. Since starting my new job, I have long-term plans for my career that I want to get in place before we start bringing children into this world. But we haven’t ruled them out of our lives. Right now, it’s about us and we both take a bit of selfish pride in this that we are giving ourselves time to be a couple before more join our immediate family.

This will be the last monthly update on our marriage. I definitely will be doing yearly updates, if not for myself to reflect on the years and see how our relationship has evolved over time. For now, you can read all about my wedding posts here on my blog. I would love to know from anyone from recently married couples- how has your relationship evolved since you got married?