Styling a Straw Bag for Autumn

Styling a Straw Bag for Autumn

The start of September is the start of Autumn for me. The air gets a little crispier but it’s still warm, there’s a gorgeous light in the evening and it’s the start of layers!!

With the beginning of Autumn, it is also the end of Summer and Summer dressing. I love Autumn and its transitional style, along with Spring it’s the time you can mix Summer and Winter pieces together before you have to finally accept the cold weather.

The biggest trend of Summer this year has been the straw bag. No longer reserved for the beach, it has been brought to the high street. It was a late starter and quite frankly, I’m not ready to give it up just yet. Though it made rare appearances on Instagram, it was very much loved piece that I’ve worn since I got it in July.


A New Pair of Trousers

I’ve finally moved away from wearing jeans and got myself a pair of trousers! When I worked in a traditional office environment, I was forced to wear suit trousers so I always saved those for the working week and jeans were for casual days. Now, my new office is much more relaxed in regards to what you wear and whilst I’ve been loving going into work in jeans every day, I’ve wanted to wear something else. Slowly but surely, I’m excepting that trousers can be part of a casual wardrobe too.

I’ve paired them with this silk shirt to add a ¬†softness to the boxiness of the trousers. In keeping with the monochrome look, I’ve paired it all together with these new peep¬†toe ankle boots, getting those toes out while I still can! I think the bag adds a little unusual flair to the outfit, something out of the unusual and unexpected. I think the shirt helps to pair the bag with the outfit- had it been paired with a wool jumper it would have looked too odd. The silk is that transitional piece along with the bag that takes this outfit from Summer to Autumn.

I would love to know, what will you be pairing your straw bag with this Autumn? Check out more style posts here on the blog.