Who’s ready for ice cream?

Just because Autumn is now here, doesn’t mean all cold food/ drinks options go out of the window. Sure, I’m no longer ordering iced lattes. But that doesn’t mean the freezer is no longer full of ice lollies and tubs of that delicious sweet stuff.


I think you can be officially welcomed to Leeds until you have had Northern Bloc ice cream. It’s available at pretty much every independent cafe/ bar in the city centre, so their’s no excuse to have a taste (though for dietary requirements- they do a Sicilian lemon sorbet). For Northern Bloc, it’s all about great tasting ice cream without any artificial ingredients. An ice cream that is both indulgent and pure.

When the lovely folk at Northern Bloc asked if I was up for a recipe challenge, I jumped at the chance. It’s been so long since I’ve done a recipe post and I was so excited to finally work one something delicious for you guys to eat. Now, this may not involve anything technical, but trust me you are going to want to try it. Inspired by a recent book that I’ve been reading, I decided to recreate a brunch idea- ice cream for breakfast!


Breakfast Buddha Bowl

Breakfast buddha bowls are huge on Instagram and Pinterest. They are delicious and so good for you. This Buddha bowl is also good for you, in a different way. It also comes in glass jar version. Just so you can see the layers. For this, you will need to create chia pudding (chia seeds and almond milk mixed together) about 20 mins before so that the chia seeds can absorb the milk and create the pudding-like consistency. You will also need two of your fave Northern Bloc ice cream, along with seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit and a bit of mint as a garnish. The two I went for is their Strawberry & Black Pepper Ice Cream and their Ginger Caramel Ice Cream.

Layer some fresh fruit on the bottom and two scoops of ice cream. Layer some chia seed pudding over the top along with some fresh/dried fruit. Layer the last two scoops of the other ice cream and top off with seeds and the rest of the fruit. Finish off with the mint and et voila! Ice cream for breakfast.



Such a delicious and pretty looking dessert. If however, this is not enough ice cream for you, I do have a delicious Italian treat that might be right up your street….



I adore an affogato! It’s the perfect combination of cold and hot- sweet and bitter. Totally delicious! And, totally easy to make- Northern Bloc ice cream is perfect for this! For this, you need to us their Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. If you have a pod machine, then this will be much simpler. If not, you can do instant coffee or drip coffee. But trust me, the pods are better. Just don’t let my Barista husband see that last sentence…


To make an affogato, you simply pour coffee over ice cream. Sprinkle some cocoa powder over the top to finish it off. Perfection!

I would love to see what ice cream Buddha bowls/ affogato you create for yourself. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #createdwithbloc so that they can see your creations. Which recipe will you go for?



All Northern Bloc products were gifted to me, but my recipe and deep love for their ice cream are all my own!