So, if you have been following me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I mentioned Lee and I have been looking at buying a house soon. Whilst I’ve had to sit down and look at the practical side of everything, I’ve also been doing a little dreaming and deciding what our future home would look like.

A quick disclaimer- I will be saying a lot of me and I in this post. I do mean we and us. But let’s face it unless I deciding on all pink walls and flowery bedding- Lee really doesn’t care what the house decor is like. And also that I don’t touch the kitchen….

When I think about how my interior styling has changed from when I first started decorating my teenage bedroom to now, I’ve become very minimal and look towards investment pieces rather than ‘fast furniture’. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good visit to Ikea, but I’ve also been lusting over the mid-century¬†furniture pieces that cost an arm and a leg. You really have to be willing to put the cash down and live with these furniture choices for a while.

I’ve also noticed this it has become more minimal and sleek. I like things put away, very little out on display. However, if things are out then they have a purpose and add to the vibe of the room. While I’ve put myself on a home spending band (we will see how long that last’s for!) I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy for inspirational images and, of course, a little bit of online shopping.

It’s All In The Details…

The above mood board is what I have in mind for the new house (which bare in mind, hasn’t even been brought at this moment). I’ve focused on the two main areas where we would be ‘living’ so that would be the living room and the bedroom. The key pieces that I need to think about saving for or investing in now where there is a good deal are some natural/ linen bedding, more mid-century furniture, a few more rugs, simple artwork and plants, plants, plants! Excuse me while I continue to online shop some more….

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