I really enjoy having people over at my home.

Sure it’s a little stressful. I am the definition of hostess with the most-est.

Back in our old one-bedroom flat (aww memories) there was hardly any room for Lee and I to fit in it, let alone have people come over. Better still, there was nowhere for people to stay over and sleep. When we finally got a bigger space (just bigger in terms of square-footage, let alone other rooms) I was dying to fix up the spare room as a guest room. Think ‘Monica’s Guest Room’ on steroids.


It took longer than I expected, but it’s getting there. I’ve at least moved the mess that was piling up in there (and may have started piling up again since these pictures were taken…) Since it is doubling up as my office, I am still playing around with the perfect setup. I also haven’t got the final bits of furniture that I want for the room, I’m desperate to get this Ikea bed in here.

The most important thing is that I’ve got the essentials so that guest can stay over in comfort. I wanted to make sure that anyone coming over has a nice relaxing time and enjoys themselves. So, what are the essentials for a guest room?



You never know what room temperature people like their bedroom. I love a cold room but people also want to be snug. Always have a blanket or two so if the room is too cold, your guests can easily grab one and get warm again. I love placing them in this gorgeous wicker basket that I picked up from HomeSense to keep them nice and organised. It’s one of my favourite interior trends of this year.



They go hand in hand with blankets and cosiness. Candles help create a calming atmosphere in any room and ambience, making any guest feel right at home. I am in love with this one from The White Company (pillar candle no longer available). If you know your guest well enough- I would try and ensure there was a candle that suited that persons own taste.


Towels & Toiletries

I assume any guest will be bringing their own products, but for those last min stays and just in general, I would always leave our a few toiletries- just in case someone has forgotten one but also to make them feel like they are staying in a hotel. These toiletries were swiped (with many, many other bottles) from our hotel in New York when we got married.

With toiletries comes with cleanliness. No home is complete without a spare pair of towels for guests. These towels from HomeSense were an absolute bargain (you really cannot go wrong with that place!) So soft and a great neutral colour to go with any room style should I decide to change it up again.


Plants & Flowers

My home is 100% a #urbanjungle. I love having plant life and nature in my home. I think it is welcoming and instantly brightens up a room. I’ve been playing around with the locations around my home and I’m loving the banana plant in the guest room. It really brightens up a room helps conceal my desk away from prying eyes. If someone was coming around for a special occasion, I would ensure that there were some flowers ready in the room instead to welcome them. This gorgeous vase from HomeSense was under a fiver- but looks so luxurious and decadent. Perfect for making someone feel extra special.


Extra Little Details

I think everyone gets a little anxiety when they stay somewhere that is not home. The extra little details is what ensures that people feel at ease and settle. This tray was an old tray that I picked up when Zara Home first opened in Leeds and is great for people to use to store their bits on. It also adds a little glamour to any space.

The most important thing to have in the room is the guest to have their own mug. Nothing solves any problems or unrest than a cuppa can. So for someone to have their own mug that is dedicated to them throughout their stay- it’s just small to make them feel extra special. I am in love with these mugs from where else, HomeSense. They are so gorgeous! I love the colour of them, the feel of them and just how they look! And, they are such a good size for a good cup of tea!

As I’ve said, this room is a bit of a constant project of being done until it’s perfect. But for now, I hope that its a lovely calming oasis for anyone who is coming over. I ¬†wonder who will be the first guest to stay over?

What are your essentials for having in a guest room?


All HomeSense items were gifted to me, but my opinions are my own.