My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to put on a face mask. Heck, sometime in the middle of the week I like to treat myself. I think it is important to get into a good routine with treating your skin to something extra. Face masks can give you an extra boost of TLC- pure bliss and an extra boost. Perfect for waking up your skin and giving it a new lease of life.

I’ve tried many different face masks and I’ve loved some and hated some. It’s all depended on what the mask does and how it reacts with my skin. There are a few high- end ones but in all honesty, you do not need to spend that much money to get results. It all depends on what you want for your skin at the time. You could stick to one mask, but that’s like eating the exact same food every single day. Your skin needs different things at different times so it is worth having a few masks on the go. These are my absolute favourite face masks.


The Sheet Mask

This Korea beauty secret is not so secret anymore. Sheet masks have taken the beauty world by storm and whilst you walk around your house for a couple of minutes looking like Jason Voorhees, your skin will thank you for it. My favourite sheet mask brand is Oh K! They are so soft and I haven’t met one of their masks yet that I haven’t liked. My favourite is the Snail Fibre Mask (it’s not as disgusting as it sounds). This mask is super hydrating, the perfect mask for recovering from a hangover or when you need a super amount of hydration injecting into your skin. Simply leave it on for 20 minutes and massage the remaining product into the skin once you take it off. Pure indulgence.


The Clay Mask

A clay mask is perfect for drawing out all the impurities, leaving your skin super clean and subtle. I have recently been introduced to the NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask and I am already in love with it. The mask works in three ways, a purifying phase which ensures drawing out all grossness of the day from your skin, a protective phase which after you have taken the mask off ensures a barrier is left for you to face the day and finally a responsive phase in which the ingredients in the barrier ensure they are reacting to everything in the everyday environment to ensure good health within the skin and longevity. After a few applications, I can tell my skin feels and looks a lot clearer and fresher.


The Peeling Mask

When I think peeling masks, I use to think that I should stay away from them. After all, I have very sensitive skin, so why would I want to put my skin through that when I know it’s only going to react badly to it. Turns out I don’t know everything because this peel mask is just perfect when I need something a little extra for my face. This mask is so gentle but effective, I use it as almost an everyday mask. Mainly when I popping out to meet people for the evening or putting it on before a big event. In fact, I used it the morning of my wedding. The Caudalie Glycolic Peel Facial Mask is perfect for an instant boost of radiance. It works like a scrub and a peel at the same time, perfect for a spa like glow.


The Super Amazing Boost Masks

Finally, we come to my absolute favourite (I love them all but god this one is perfect!) The new The Body Shop Matcha Tea Facial Mask is just an allrounder. It is an anti pollution mask, but it’s just indulgently creamy and feels amazing for your skin. A couple of minutes of this on your skin and you have lovely, gorgeous glowing skin. It’s great at removing all of the everyday impurities and helping to reveal radiant, younger looking skin. I’ve been using it most weeks and my skin has been thanking me for it.


I would love to know, what are your favourite face masks? Check out my other beauty posts here on the blog.