I’ve just realised how sad my plant looks in the background of this picture…

Anyway back to why you’re here. As part of getting myself back into a good sleep routine, I’ve taken to reading in the evening. In fact, just reading in general. Anything that gets my eyes away from a screen and into the pages of a good book.

I do love a good novel, but I’ve always been about more ‘lifestyle’ books or history book. Recently, I’m back to the ‘lifestyle’ books, stories about the author’s experiences of life and how their help and advice can help me in my own life. I think I love them so much because they are like advice blog posts, which are some of my favourite posts.

So what have I been reading recently? Well….


The Reading List

The first on my recommendations is Ice Cream for Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams. This book is just (dare I say it)…. life changing!! It really made me think about how to deal with situations differently and in general, I’ve just decided to stop caring about some of the little things in life so they don’t get to me so much. Slowly but surely re-training my brain to give a little less shit and enjoy my life that little bit more.

Next is a new one that I cannot put down until I’ve mastered it. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo is sometimes a little out there (you don’t have to thank your clothes every day once you have used them, but you can if you want to…) but I just love this idea of doing one big clean and never having to tidy again. Once I’ve re-read it again, I will be doing this one weekend and just have a lovely minimalist home. Of course, I will be updating you on this mini project.

Finally, I’ve really enjoyed reading Almost Adulting by Arden Rose. Her stories of her early twenties reminded me of exactly how I was and I found it really fascinating reading about Trichotillomania; I’ve never really heard about it before and just opening up my awareness of different compulsive disorders just makes me more mindful of people and what they may be going through. It’s a good balance of being funny, but also very insightful.


I would love to know, what are you reading at the moment?