I am all about homewares these days. Call it a cliche, but since I got married I am all about making my house in a home. Truth be told, I’ve been all about that for the past year- it just seems to have accelerated in the past few months. Now that my sister has moved out of the spare room, I have my guest room for the first time and I am so excited to make into a functional but inviting space. Think ‘Monica Geller’s Guest Room’ but without all the florals.

In the mists of Pinteresting all the gorgeous interiors and saving so many Instagrams, I have also been doing some internet shopping. There’s a fun in it- planning out what I am going to get for which room (guest room is not the only thing that needs finishing off!), plus, this girl loves wasting an afternoon away dreaming of pretty homeware. Can you blame me?

So, the main reason why you have clicked onto this post- where I like to shop for homeware. My taste has evolved over the years- gone are the days where I am obsessed with Ikea. I mean, I still love a good flat pack moment- but I am moving onto different stores and a different style of furniture. I’m interested in investing in chunky, heavy furniture- I am thinking of the mid-century look. Here are the places that I like to go shopping for everything interior-wise.


H&M Home

This is your starting point for great looking, affordable homeware. They have such affordable, design-led products. Particularly good for your soft furnishings- think your cushions, throws and the odd tea-towel. I also love their trinkets, they have a great range of decorative plates, plant pots and vases that you can scatter all over the house.

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is great for little bits and bobs- think dining ware and decorative accessories. They also do insanely good artwork, I love all their prints; simple but gorgeous.


The dreamiest of homeware places. Again, perfect for smaller homeware and decorative items. If you want a gorgeous looking bar cart- this is the place to stock up on your glassware. It is also great for updating your kitchenware- think a much more decorative roasting tray that you would be proud to display on your kitchen side.

West Elm

If you need gorgeous furniture- look no further than West Elm. Pricey, but worth the investment. I am dying to get my hands on their sideboards and bookcases, along with that bar cart- when we get our own house, that’s the first thing I want to move in as an upgrade to something I have already got.

La Redoute

If you want a home that is full of French attitude- put down your basket, pick up your laptop and check out this place. I am obsessed with their dining ware- particularly their coffee cups/ mugs. Also, we cannot go anywhere without talking about that La Redoute rug! I have it in my own home and it is the softest thing your feet will ever touch!


Where do you like to shop for your homewares/ interiors?