Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine

Recently on Instagram Stories, I have been showing off my evening skincare routine and how I mix it up. I have had such amazing feedback and requests to see my morning skincare routine; which has led to this post.

Compared to my evening routine, my mornings are actually quite boring. Since I was young, I have had very dry, sensitive skin. I have always had to be careful with what I put on my face and the number of products that have either not worked for me or given me a reaction is countless. Now that I am older, I think my skin has really calmed down but I still have to be careful- every now and then there’s a product that doesn’t agree with me. Thankfully I have found some great products that work for me and are super quick and easy to use in the morning that I can simply sleep in and rush out of the door at the last minute.

The Routine

Firstly, cleanse. I never miss a morning or evening cleanse. The only thing I insist everyone does is to wash your face at the skin. Never wash your face in the shower. I did it for so long and Someone told me to stop and as soon as I did I saw a huge difference! Shower water is scalding hot (if you shower how I do) and is not good for your face.

My absolute favourite cleanser at the moment is Skin Laundry Hydrating Cream Face Wash. It is super calming on your skin, so creamy so I know it’s getting that moisture it needs and I know it lifts all the dirt off my first. Sadly, this cleanser is not available in the UK, however, having looked on their UK website, their Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser has the same properties as my cleanser so is perfect for your morning skincare routine.

Next is a serum. I never thought a serum was important as part of a skincare range, but it is the foundation to ensuring perfect skin. I adore Kiehl’s Hydro- Plumping Re- Texturizing Serum, a light hydrating product. You literally only need a drop or two to have perfect hydrated skin. I never not use this and always have an extra bottle in the house so I don’t run out.

After this is eye cream and then moisturiser. Again, I am sticking with Kiehl’s, using Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (an absolute saviour!) and also their Ultra Facial Moisturiser. The eye cream is perfect in the morning for waking up my eyes and the moisturiser is creamy enough to ensure my skin stays hydrated throughout the day but light enough so my face doesn’t feel like it is covered in products. Absolutely adore it!

For weekends or when I think my skin needs a little pick me up, I like to use the Cauldalie Facial Peel Mask with Glycolic Formula. The peeling masks only needs 10 mins to work and voila! New, gorgeous smooth skin.

As mentioned, I am working on my evening routine post much like this morning routine. But my evening routine has a lot of products, I like to experiment with oils to really pamper the skin in the evening. As soon as I have it down, you guys will all get to read it! In the meantime, you can read all my beauty posts here on the blog.

What do you use as part of your morning routine?