I spend most of my mornings at my dressing table. Once sitting in front of my full-length mirror getting ready for uni, I have now evolved to sitting at this table to prepare my hair and face for the rest of the day. I never thought I would love having a dressing table, but it just makes so much sense! It keeps all my most gorgeous products out on display for everyone to ogle at (no- just me then?) and all other products to have their own space to keep them nice and tidy. The dressing area is almost complete (I am after a pretty-looking basket to put my hairdryer and straighteners out of the way) but thanks to my new mirror, it is one step closer.


The Mirror

I have been looking for a large mirror to go over the table and I was looking when I stumble upon this gorgeous LED mirror. I imaged having some form of lighting with the mirror, but when I saw the options that Lumino were offering on their website, I knew it would be perfect for the space. Whilst near a window, the area can be somewhat of a dark space or because the window is south-facing, it can cast a harsh light. This means I have to always have my blinds down during the summer months and the light isn’t the best. These bathroom mirrors from Lumino are perfect for helping achieve light in a difficult dark space. If I didn’t already have a full wall mirror in my bathroom, I would have certainly had got a mirror for the area- as the bathroom has no windows at all. The mirror was simple to get set up. It requires batteries, a few holes in the wall (it comes with all the parts you need to put on the wall) and a little bit of measuring to ensure it is level. It honestly is so easy to put on the wall and get working. The size of the mirror works perfectly for the dressing table when on its size. Big enough to be practical, but not too large that it engulfs the space. Just right like Goldilocks.

There is a whole range of LED mirrors that you can view here on the website, personally, I prefer The Sotto, which is a long strip of LED lights that go all the way around, but Lumino has so many options on the website. The lights help to ensure there is an even light for me to put my makeup on, ensuring my face looks perfectly ready for the day!

Which mirror would you have on your wall?

This product was gifted to me by Lumino, but all these opinions are my own.