There are times you want to look dressed up, but without looking too put together.

For those times, you need items that are interchangeable; comfy but sharp looking. This is pretty much my wardrobe every single day. I like to feel comfy but I love tailored, classic pieces that will bring the whole outfit. Currently, I am living in a jeansĀ & tee ensemble, with additional items to finish the look.

Recently I took the plunge and MOVED AWAY FROM SKINNY JEANS. No, hell has not frozen over, I just decided that it was finally time for a change. I’m a very strange shape from the waist down (my waist is small, but my arse & thighs are huuuuggggeeee!) which means normal jeans don’t really fit me well. I normally have to size up just to get them past the butt, but then they are too big on my waist.

Such first world problems.

Luckily, after much trial and error, I have found the perfect jeans that work for me. These ASOS jeans are perfect, They are not too big on the waist which means I don’t have to start worrying about buy belts, they make me look taller I feel due to going straight up and down (anything for the illusion of a couple of extra inches).

Though this v-neck t shirt is no longer available on their website, you cannot beat ASOS’ Ultimate t shirt range. They are super soft and great for throwing together with the jeans. I am definitely going to be purchasing this t shirt from them sometime soon.


So, you have the casual outfit sorted, how do you dress this up? First things first, a blazer. It’s the ultimate item to have in your wardrobe to smarten ANYTHING up. This grey blazer from La Redoute is my most worn blazer. It just goes with everything. It’s smart enough but the oversized feel just makes it so easy to chuck on. Sadly, this blazer is no longer available on the website, but this one is a perfect alternative.

The second thing is shoes. Shoes can ultimate confirm is an outfit is casual or smart. These pointed kitten heels in millennial pink are super comfy and just add a pop of colour to an outfit. Plus I always think suede shoes add something extra to a look- if you have suede shoes- you know how much we have to look after them to keep them clean so I think to adds extra points to an outfit. Again, at the time of writing this, the shoes are not available online (god damn it!) but I think I really need to add these bad boys to my collection.

Finally, a small, leather bag can complete any look. Now, this is technically a camera bag, but this little leather bag from Olympus is ideal for taking out and about with you when you only want to take out minimal stuff. I can easily fit in my camera, cards, keys and phone- who needs anymore in your bag?

I hope this proves you do not have to go crazy to turn an outfit from casual to dressed up. You can easily have these items in a separate bag and quickly throw on at the end of the day when you are rushing to meet friends for a few quick cocktails. Plus, I guarantee you have something like these items in your wardrobe, so you do not have to spend a pretty penny- unless you really want to!