When throwing the wedding garden party, I was particularly keen in ensuring that the whole event reflected a relaxed casual vibe. I wanted floral everywhere, rustic features and relaxed vibes.

There’s not a single wedding Pinterest board that doesn’t feature some form of wedding sign. Whether it be for a hashtag, guiding your guests to the areas of your reception, they are not only practical but so really really pretty! They are also bloody expensive when wanting them to be custom-made and as this was only for a party- it didn’t want to spend too much on decorations. Enter a little bit of DIY and hey presto- I think I have some great, personalised sign posts that were perfect for the event!


You’ll Need…

  • Sheets of Plywood
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Wood Stain
  • Wood Paint


Wood wise (childish giggle as I write that), it doesn’t really matter what type of wood you get. I went for a light plywood because not only was it cheap, it’s also lightweight. I also went for this off colour of the board because I thought it would give the signs a rustic look. The best place to go is to B&Q. They have a fab range of wood (giggle) and really helpful staff. Don’t ask them to slice it for you- it costs extra. Instead, ask your ever helpful dad to cut it for you- no, just me?


I know there are many different tutorials online on how to get a rustic looking stain with things you would normally find around the house, but personally, I would say make it easier for you and just buy a wood stain. For that dark wood look, you just need an oak stain and combined with the original colour of the plywood, it worked out really well.

To get an even coat, you just need to apply three light even coats and ensure it is completely dry before adding the wording. Add fewer coats if you want a lighter colour on your signs.


Calligraphy & Painting…

Once the stain is dry, it is now time to do your writing. You can get tracing paper if it is easier, but I found the easiest way for me was to locate the font I wanted to copy online, type my phrase and the trace it from what I could see on the screen. I wanted to copy the modern calligraphy writing that you see on every single wedding Pinterest boards. For font ideas, you should check out The Creative Market; I took inspiration from Adelicia Script.

Once you have traced it in pencil, it’s time to paint! I went for this adorable wood paint tester pot from Dowsing & Reynolds– the name is just the cutest thing ever! In hindsight, I wish I had a smaller paint brush for finer lines- but I made it work. I ensure to make some parts thicker to make it look more authentic. Any slight smudges or less sharp lines- just adds to the rustic charm.

Leave to dry and you are ready to go!


Check out my other wedding posts here on the blog. To follow the antics of the wedding garden party, search for the hashtag #IDoForTheGram on Instagram. Oh course, my Instagram is going to be flooded with pictures of this party for many weeks to come! #sorrynotsorry.