People think having fine hair is great. It’s always so shiny, soft and smooth.

Think again.

I understand that people always wish for the things they don’t have, but honestly- I really wish I had thick hair. I long for voluminous, bouncy locks. Think that my fate with fine hair is a blessing? When you read these truths you will fully understand the angst against it…

  1.  Growing your hair takes about ten years. In fact, it might be 100. Put it this way, it just doesn’t move past your shoulders. It’s like it is too scared or something. Either way, it just won’t move!!!
  2. We only have three hairstyles. Down, ponytail or bun. That’s it. Anything else and our hair just falls apart.
  3. Speaking of buns, they are tiny. No hair, hardly any bun. And no, it’s not cute that during the day it starts to resemble a pineapple.
  4. Whilst we would like to think our hair is very much supermodelesque when it gets windy, the reality is that we look more like Cousin It from The Adams Family.
  5. Curling your hair is a vicious torture cycle. First, it takes your hair being pinned in curls for four hours+ for it to resemble loose beachy waves. Then it falls out after five minutes of being exposed to the elements. You cry. You wonder why you wasted all those hours. And yet somehow, weeks later, you convince yourself that it will be different this time around.
  6. Dry shampoo is our best friend. Even when our hair is not dirty, it’s the only thing that gives us texture.
  7. But, not enough texture that we can achieve that gorgeous bedhead look or a sleek, messy but put together ponytail. No, our faith lies in looking like we have a severe facelift whenever we scrap our hair back.
  8. Sleek and smooth means we are prone to static. We’ve had so many electric shocks from touching metal stair bannisters we almost don’t realise it’s happened.
  9. Being described as having baby soft hair. I mean, I know it is a compliment and you are only envious of how smooth our hair is. But the reality is, you are saying our hair is like that of a 12-year-old. Doesn’t exactly make us feel like the confident, sexy, glamorous woman that we are…
  10. The perfect fringe will never be in our grasps. Because unlike girls with thick hair who only need to go too far back to achieve a heavy fringe, we need to you cut about half our hair into a fringe for the look to hold. Even then, we go through about half a can of hairspray a day just to hold it in place.
  11. Speaking of fringes- cowlicks. The only thing that gives our hair movement but also if it escapes it hairspray cage or is not properly tamed when drying your hair, can destroy your fringe for the rest of the day.
  12. Our hair dries too quickly. Now I can hear the outcry from the girls where it takes them an entire day to get their hair bone dried. But the disadvantage of hair drying too fast is that if we have not had time to tame it, it will take on a life of its own.
  13. When anyone asks us if we have tried volumising products, we literally want to punch you in the face. Don’t be offended if the response you get is ‘No! Seriously?!? I never knew they made such products!!’ accompanied with an eye roll.
  14. Bobby pins are part of our monthly shop. Due to the fact they fall out so much. We keep spares in our bag. We pray they can stay in place until after our meeting/ date/ coffee with friends.
  15. We are all secretly smug that we have no worries in regards to our hair when travelling to hotter climates. While thick hair girls worry that they will end up with Monica Geller hair the minute the humidity hits them, we get that slight uplift in volume that not product will replicate.
  16. Scalp burn. While the rest of the world is just making sure that their face and body doesn’t burn through the summer, we have to deal with the possibility of our scalp may resemble that of a lobster. And unlike bald men, we cannot apply sunscreen to our heads.
  17. Getting hat hair when you haven’t even been wearing a hat. It’s one of the many mysteries of the world that scientists haven’t quite figured out yet.
  18. Hairbands will never be small enough. We have to wrap them so many times around our ponytails it is an arm workout in itself. Even then, we have to constantly redo it as it is still not tight enough.
  19. Every girl with fine hair has considered getting a perm at least once in our life time. It gives us the best of both worlds, curls but also the ability to straighten it whenever we want!
  20. The savings on shampoo and conditioners. Because if we use too much, our hair will look like a greasy mess from day one. Unlike our thick hair sisters, those bottles last a lifetime in our bathrooms #sorrynotsorry.


Do you have any home truths about having fine hair?