I love good restaurants with good food. But what I love even more is a fine dining and company. And I love even more is fine, private dining with an amazing company…

Enter my gorgeous friend Lucinda (of The Fashion Fictionary) who texted me one evening if I fancied joining her for a private dining, supper club experience. I mean, I’m human, I’m wasn’t about to say no.

So on one Sunday night, Luc and I headed to Mr Nobody, a cocktail bar and restaurant who provide tasting menu nights; one that we were about to experience…



XO is a supper club event where you can experience a number of Asian inspired courses. Though the event has now ended, there is a rumour that it is about to start up again. Never one to keep a secret to myself (ever when it comes to food), I had to bring my camera with me to show you the gorgeous food on offer.


We arrived and were offered a welcome cocktail of our choice. Naturally, I had to go for an Aperol Spritz, the perfect summer cocktail. After a few minutes of chatting in the bar upstairs, we were taken downstairs to the basement dining room to our private table, ready for the supper club to begin…


Now, this doesn’t look that fancy but trust me- it is so tasty! Plus, who can turn down a cheese burger spring roll? Yes, you are not reading this wrong, this is a cheese burger spring roll. The meat was cooked to perfection, the cheese was just delicious- my favourite new type of spring roll.


The next two plates were also delicious. One was a surprise, a chargrilled half of broccoli with a breadcrumb top. I loved it, Luc not so much- she’s not a fan of the small green trees. Our second plate was a bit of nostalgia. A toasty (remember those grills? I so badly want one in my home!), filled with Thai jaffle, mozzarella and kaffir Lime. I bloody loved it, it was a really posh cheese toastie, one that I really want to recreate at home.


The next dish was essentially salt and pepper squid, but instead, it was a bit of an octopus arm. Personally, I love any type of seafood but I can see why some people may be put off by this dish. But, honestly, you should all try it at least because it was so tender and tasty. A total winner in my eye.


The next dish was a total comfort food winner. Called S**t Ramen, it is honestly the type of ramen I would make a home. Seasoned minced meat, with a barely cooked runny get and noodles, another dish that I am tempted to recreate. The broth was also perfectly spiced, a little warmth but not too mouth watering that you couldn’t enjoy it.


Our next course was Bo- ssam, a Korean dish. Essentially an Asian taco wrap with lettuce leaves and a lovely bit of pork belly. The crackling on top was hard AF (seriously teeth breaking) but the belly itself was gorgeous! Again, something I think would be quick and easy to try and make at home myself.


Finally, we tucked into the hangover cone, which is essential everything you would snack on the day after the night before. Nutella, brownies, crips, vanilla icecream, the works! It is a shame that we have to share this dish between two, as I could have easily have wolfed this one down.

My overall feelings about the event? Well, I loved the food, the cocktails were good and the company was great. Honestly, I really only enjoyed it cause it was free. Tickets were £45.00 and that was just for the food, the welcome cocktail or even half a bottle of wine wasn’t included in the price. So for experience, yes definetly worth tasting the food. But value for money, I can’t say that it was worth it.

What do you think? Would you pay to go to supper club?