Everyone want’s to look beautiful on their wedding day.

You may not want to look like a princess, but you will want to look and feel like a million dollars. I mean, you are going to have so many camera’s pointing at you all day, plus I feel when you feel good, confidence exudes from you.

This post is about general beauty, in which I am covering hair, makeup, fragrance, and nails. I figured to put them under one large post rather than mini little ones, is much easier and enjoyable to read as an audience. By all means, this is not a guide on what you should do to get your bridal beauty, but what I did and if you like it, then feel free to copy me.



When looking into getting wedding day ready, I found that most guides advise you to prep your skin at least a year in advance (bollocks to that!). In truth, I kept my skincare routine exactly the same but just necked down the water and treated myself to a facial before I left the country. I also did a facial routine of my own on the plane to NYC, but that’s another blog post for another time. The important thing to remember here is that you need a really good base before you put any makeup on.

I decided that I wanted someone else to do my makeup for my wedding because A: anyone else was going to be much better than me at doing it and B: I shy away from heavy makeup looks (I really don’t like them) but it was needed for ensuring my makeup lasted for the whole day.

I went with Glam Squad, where they can come to you and they were reasonably¬†priced. I wish I could remember my makeup artist’s name (sadly cannot recall it at all) but she was the loveliest girl ever. She really listened to what I wanted (granted I showed her a Pinterest board with a million different but similar pictures on it) and achieved a natural but enhanced look that I wanted. There were only two things that I brought makeup wise especially for the wedding, which was a foundation and a lipliner. I am really funny with my foundation (being so pale it’s hard to get a match) so it was best just to bring it with me. The makeup artist was happy to oblige to my request, in fact, she really loved the feel of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. I also thought it was best to get my own lip colour so that I could ensure I could top it up throughout the day. For that I went with a Mac Lip Pencil, their formula is always long lasting so it was an obvious choice.



I really wanted an updo for my hair to ensure that it stayed out of my face, but also I think I look better when my hair is up. I decided on a textured ponytail, to make the whole look contemporary. I also got my hair done through the Glam Squad website and she came at the same time as the makeup artist. Overall, I was okay with my hair. In truth, it is the only thing I would tweak as I would have liked it a little more sleeker at the roots and a textured pony but at the time I loved the way I looked and that’s what matters.



My nails were done 48 hours before I left the UK. I went with just a gel manicure and pedi but upgraded to the spa treatmet for as a little treat and TLC. I went to Pastille which is a little beauty bar and I would highly recomend. Their spa manicure is ¬£38.00 which include exfoliation, heated mittens along with everything else- an absolute bargain. You can get the spa manicure and pedi for ¬£72.00 which is an offer you have to snap up if you want to treat yourseld. I kinda don’t want to tell you about them in case they suddenly get booked up and I can no longer go!



For my wedding fragrance I only had one place in time. Jo Malone has a great bridal consultation that you can attend where you will get a complimentry hand massage and you will learn about fragrance layering. Whilst I was advised that you should use their shower gel and body cream to help layer the fragrance, I am really sceptical about fragrance/ perfume based body lotions with having sensitive skin. I settled on layering a favourite scent of mine (English Pear and Freesia) with a gorgeous spicy perfume (Pomegranate Noir). I love the combination of the two and the perfumes lasted all day and I also put on more of the Pomegranate Noir on more towards the evening.


I would love to know, what was your bridal beauty routine?