A totally ‘relevant’ picture to the post title…

Originally at the beginning of the year, I made a sacred blogger vow to blog every day. I was adamant that it would be easy to do and there would be no excuses not to.

Since this, I think I managed two weeks at the best. I think that bloggers (especially part-time bloggers, full-time workers) feel a sense of failure if they are not blogging regularly. But as I have spoken about before, blogging can essentially be a full-time job, so having two full- time jobs AND a social life away from the camera can be tough!

Recently I have been really focused on improving my lifestyle and up-hauling certain areas in my life (more on this later in the year). One thing is that I have decided to push out any constant negativity from my life; anything that wastes my time that has no benefit to my life. One of these things is blogging.

No this is not me announcing that I am going to stop blogging (there are no clickbait titles here). Instead, I am decreasing my weekly posts and taking the pressure off myself to blog every weekday. Welcome to the start of three weekly posts; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will continue to be updating on other social media platforms (such as Twitter and Instagram) but I am not going to pressure myself. At the end of the day, especially with Instagram, I no longer want to be posting pictures that are just so- so (you have no idea how many pictures I don’t love on my feed right now). At the end of the day, blogging is a hobby, and whilst I love setting goals and providing you with regular content, I am not doing this full time so there is no pressure to be 150% all the time (such an overachiever). Sometimes I can just be 100%.

I am also going to be playing around with my blog post times. After speaking to a fellow blogger friend about engagement on posts, I am going to start posting at 1pm instead of midnight here. It might work, it might not. It might change to a later time, who knows, we will see how it goes!

I am thinking of maybe introducing weekly Facebook content on either Tuesday/ Thursday as extra content but I am not adding an additional pressure to myself. It will happen if and when it happens. I am hoping to increase my posting towards the end of the week but again- no pressure.

Hope this rambly post explains the new game plan. I would love to hear from other bloggers who also work how they balance work/ play/ blog time to ensure a balanced lifestyle.