Best Brunch Places in New York

Other than getting married, spending time with my other half, seeing and experiencing New York; I was really looking forward to trying the food. It has to be said, that city does have some of the best food in the world. I have previously done the Best Places To Eat in New York City post a few days back and now it was time for my favourite meal of the day, brunch.

I knew I was stepping into the brunch capital and living out my inner Carrie Bradshaw moment. That said, we wanted to ensure we could fully enjoy the city, so as advised in my New York City Guide, we decided if we were having a big breakfast, then we would have a light dinner and visa a versa. Also, portions are huge (its a sterotype that Americans do live up to) so you really can be full for the rest of the day with just one meal.

So, sit back, relax and drool over some delicious brunch meals!


Bluestone Lane

I was desperate to go to Bluestone Lane and on Easter Sunday, it happened! It was so warm outside (32 degrees which is hot for anyone in England!) so I was grateful to go inside and enjoy some aircon. Lee and I both went for avo toast (above and beyond normal avo toast). The fresh carrot and orange juice which was also delicious! The restaurant is so cute and nautical themed, the perfect place for wasting a few hours away.


Black Seed Bagels

The best bagel place hands down in New York City. Black Seed Bagels is one of those places where you can grab a quick bite to eat and a guarantee that it will be delicious! I went with the classic smoked salmon bagel and Lee tried The Hampton bagel (sausage, cheese and eggs)- both were utterly delicious. You want the New York experience, head on here and grab a cwoofffeee and a bagel and hit the town running.



This was Lee’s recommendation/ we have to visit on pain of an early divorce. Banter was started as the type of cafes you find in Australia; full of good food, good coffee and good conversation. The food is super healthy (compared to my standards) and the ice coffee is just soooooo good!!!


Jack’s Wife Freda

This is such a blogger cliche but the food is 100% worth the hype. You have to order the waffles they are on another planet. The croque madame is okay (tasty but nothing special) and the melon juice is so delicous and refreshing on a hot summers day. There is a long waiting time so get their early so you are not having to wait around for too long.


Where would you go for brunch in New York?