There is nothing that us Brits love more than a good Sunday Roast. I dare you to find one out in the UK. Sitting down with a good joint, roasted veggies and a slavering of gravy, surrounded by friends and family; it is the perfect way to waste away a Sunday afternoon. I love making up a good roast in my own home, but all that washing up is just not worth it sometimes. In those times of CBA, grab your jacket and head on down to your local for a pub lunch. The best thing about living in Leeds is that I am not spoilt for choice when it comes some delicious Sunday dinners. On this particular Sunday, Lee and I headed out to a little place a few minutes walk away from our home.

Today was a make- up free day. Sometimes I just cannot be arsed with putting any makeup on and like to go one day a week sans anything but moisturiser. It allows your skin to breath.
The Cross Keys is one of those places I always see on lists about ‘the must visit places in Leeds’ and I have never had a chance a visit, until now. I love the feel of the place, it is your typical English pub. N0 fancy finishes, just a lovely little pub.
The menu is also perfectly simple; nothing fancy but the Sunday Roast necessities. Out of everything, we decided to with the Roasted Topside of Beef with all the trimmings.

And I mean all the trimmings!

 There is honestly nothing better than a Yorkshire pudding. It is bloody heaven on earth. A great big slice of beef, served with carrots, cabbage and roasted potatoes, topped with some delicious gravy.

The beef was cooked to medium rare perfection (if you like yours cooked well done, you might struggle) and the veggies were seasoned to perfection. My only complaint, not enough Yorkies- but I could eat about 3 or 4 at a time. The Cross Keys is up there as one of my top places to visit for a Sunday Dinner. You are also within walking distance of Granary Wharf, a lovely part of town on the waterside of Leeds. Perfect place to sit by and have a drink on the waters edge and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. The perfect way to waste away a day.