It is fair to say that last month was a quiet one. After getting married abroad everything slowed down. No big spends, just quiet nights in and relaxing with my new husband.
I say no big spends but there was one…
Whilst out in NYC I came across a polaroid shop near our hotel and discovered the newest range in polaroid cameras. I instantly fell in love and the quality of photo they produce. I purchased this Instax  Mini 90 NEO Classic Camera and I am just so happy with the pictures it produces. I am still playing with settings (there are so many!) but I think you will see with this months pictures the difference in quality.
my apartment building from the back // pom pom window decoration
moody skys at night // floral decorations at my friend’s flat
wall gallery has a new addition // somebody turned 24 this month //
your a wizard Harry (I know that’s not his line in the film!)
dining at Zaap // my husband chilling at home // some seriously good thai food
when I had just got my new camera and playing (and failing) with one of the new settings //
well wishes from friends and family // my sideboard