It is fair to say that from the beginning when Lee and I moved in with each over six years ago (think, I am not quite sure. Oh god, lets just say I have been with him for a while!) I pretty much took over the decor in our home.

I have never lived on my own and even when I moved out of my parents house for University, I lived with other people. I have only ever been able to decorate my bedroom and let my style truly speak for itself. So when I got the chance to decorate an ENTIRE flat; I went with it.

Except I completely forgot it couldn’t just be my taste. I decided to share my life and my home with someone else. As our relationship progressed, I wanted our home to reflect who we were as a couple.

I am incredibly fortunate that my husband is a very relaxed man and as long as it is not too OTT or over girly, he is fine with how I decorate the home. Hit the jackpot there ladies. But I do like to incorporate him and his taste so that it feels like home for him too.

We are continuously working on our home (as you do with any rental properties until you get a place of your own) but these handy tips guarantees a home that reflects both of you.

Stick To The Neutrals
I love colour but I am a huge fan of an all white, clean interior. My other half isn’t. He loves the brown, black and dark shades. Lucky for me we can ensure that our opposite of our colour loves can live together in holy matrimony. We stuck to white furniture as it is easy to pair with any colour throughout the house with the odd piece. In our living room and bedroom we chose different tones of grey as a main colour with different lighter colours around the house. Green is a huge accent colour in my living space and we a still deciding on what colour to add to the bedroom.

My light airy space is here, while there are enough darker colours so that Lee doesn’t feel he lives in a huge white cloud. A great way to add colour without being too in your face is in adding accessories. A cushion here, green plant there and there you have it.

Mix Your Personal Objects Together
I really do not like nick- knacks around the house unless it is in for form of a coffee book, picture, candle or floral arrangement. Lee really likes having his stuff out on display and we do often clash in this area. The key for harmony I have found is to let go of my need for a clean, tidy space and mix in objects together. Stacking a mixture of our books together and displaying his collection of cameras along with my own trinkets (such as this marble box that I keep my polaroid pictures in it) to add some of our personality to our home. I do love displaying his artwork that he has created, mixing next to my own prints that I have purchased.

Give Each Other Ownership of a Room
Whilst this is your home together, I think it is important to have areas that you or your partner call the shots in. For me that’s the bedroom because it has the wardrobe (and I am OCD about the way the clothes are organised) and the balcony because it is my little outdoor oasis. For Lee he rules the kitchen because he is the one doing the most cooking in their and once we get it organised, the spare bedroom for his artwork station. I get my light, airy space to relax in and he gets his industrial inspired kitchen he’s always wanted.
Design & Conquer Together 
I am very much get up and go/ get it done now person, whereas Lee does like to take his time with things. So when it came to designing how we would decorate our home, my breaks had to be put on and I had to sit down and engage him in the big decisions. If I buy the odd vase or new coffee table tray, he’s happy for me to just do it and come home to a happy surprise. But when I realised we couldn’t live with our clothes rail as a wardrobe anymore, I had to sit him down, show him my inspiration and take on his comments and opinions to create something we both love. Sounds like a lot of discussion for just a wardrobe, but it matters that both our opinions are taken into consideration.
Any tips for decorating your home with your loved one?