This post is sponsored by Lyons Coffee.
My morning does not start without a cup of coffee.

Depending on how much of a lie in I have had, the coffee is either purchase on the go or hastily guzzled before I run out of the door. Lucky for me, I have been introduced to a solution that allows me to take my coffee with me, not rush the experience and not compromised on taste.

Lyons Coffee have dedicated over 100 years of experience in coffee roasting. They are passionate about coffee quality, ensuring their customers can enjoy fresh roasted coffee anytime, anywhere. Their coffee comes in bags, no you are not reading this incorrectly. The coffee is roasted, placed into coffee bags and then sealed in foil packaging to ensure a quality coffee every time. They are perfect for anyone on the go with busy lifestyle.

The coffee bags work perfectly into my lifestyle as it allows me to dedicate more time in the morning during the week to the important things. Answering emails, checking on a Instagram campaign or just catching up on the news.

At first when using these coffee bags I was leaving them in for four- five minutes taking them out, adding milk and running out of the door. Whilst I had coffee full of flavour, it wasn’t as strong as I would like it- however my coffee addiction runs deep. As it is sometimes a little too hot to drink straight away, I tend to now leave the coffee bag in the travel mug and then take it out when I get to work to allow for a strong coffee to give me a proper pick me up ready for my working day.
As I am always needing a kick halfway through my working day, I like to pop a couple of coffee bags in my handbag so I can have a cup mid afternoon. Unlike a bulky instant coffee jar, the bags and foil packaging fit conveniently into any size handbag, without taking up too much room for the important things (phone, five lipsticks, wallet, etc). I also love the message behind the brand, who work with Project Water Fall. Every box purchase gives a donation towards providing clean water to the coffee growing communities. They are also environmentally conscious, which is why their coffee bags are 100% compostable. When drinking the coffee at home, I throw the bags onto my plants to help encourage growth and blooming gorgeous plants.

Lyons Coffee bags are available in four flavours: light & smooth, rich & full- bodied, dark & intense and decaf. The bags are available from a number of supermarkets including Ocado, Sainsbury and Tesco. Convenient and tasty.