Best Places to Eat in New York City

This was a post that took a while to come about.

I was meaning to do some posts on my trip to New York WAY back when but as usual life got in the way (read about it here- it’s all good things) and also, I had some slight technical difficulties on holiday…

So I packed all my camera gear and took it with me on the plane, ready to blog about my holiday each day at the time. I really couldn’t wait to give you a low down of my holiday and ensure you got set up with a cuppa ready for some photo heavy posts.

And then I got to the hotel and realised I forgot my camera battery…


Luckily, we were in New York City, not the middle of the jungle, so I popped to the nearest camera shop to by myself a battery. I knew I would have to give it an evening to charge but I had packed my camera battery charger so I was all ready to blog the next day…

Except when I got back to the hotel room and realised I had packed the wrong battery charger.


I tell you, the perils of blogging. I mean we weren’t out there to just blog, but I was so looking forward to showing you my adventures whilst I was out there. Luckily, I had just upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus and the camera is to die for on it. So I decided to to breakdown the posts in my recommendations of things to do, eat see, etc. I have already done my guide on NYC here, which I hope you enjoy and gives you a bit more insight into this gorgeous city.

This section is all about food, in particular dinner. We did go to a few places in the evening and these were my favourite places we visited.



We actually came here for our wedding day meal. First supper as husband and wife. Seamore’s was actually found by chance when we were trying to decide where and what cuisine we wanted to eat. We chose Seamore’s as I really wanted some fish tacos while I was out there and these sounded delicious. It is owned by Michael Chernow who also founded The Meatball Shop- which is a must visit restaurant to any New Yorker you speak to.

We went for one of the fish specials and the crispy fish tacos, along with calamari and guacamole for starters. Truth be that we were so tired to completely finish off our meal as we had spent five hours taking wedding photos  (plus jet lag), we were completely pooped. But the food was utterly delicious, with some surprising but easy flavour combos. Plus, when the manager found out it was our wedding day, he gave me a free boating jumper I was eyeing up. Such lovely people.


Shake Shack

I don’t have many photos but I certainly vouch for the food. We had the original Shake Shack right next to our hotel, so it seem rude not to go and visit. Everyone told me when going to the US, that we had to grab a bite from here and thank god we listened to them. The beef burger is so juicy and tasty and they use that great American square cheese. Perfect for a quick lunch or after a whole day of sightseeing- a really quick and light bite for dinner, rather than sitting down in a restaurant.


PN Pizza NYC

We found PN by chance, wandering around Fifth Avenue for something to eat. PN Pizzeria is on West 28th Street, serving wood fire pizzas with a difference. You can choose your dough base, along with which ever pizza you want. I went for Tartufo and Lee chose Regina. We also ordered a Mozzarella Di Bufala & Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma, but don’t think you are going to receive slices of mozzarella. You get a whole big ball of it and it was bloody delicious! A great concept and a great little find.


Live Bait

Live Bait was probably our most ‘American’ meal, in terms of we tried cornbread (not my thing) and buffalo chicken wings. Near to our hotel, it is apparently one of the oldest sports bars in NYC. We didn’t eat much of the food due to jet lag (first night in New York when we had this meal) but I loved the atmosphere. People hanging out after work, laughing, chatting and watching the game on the big screen. But the fish burger I was eating as really good (much tastier than it sounds). Worth going for the experience.


Barbuto NYC

Barbuto was one of the best lunches we had while we were staying in New York. The chicken is highly recommended along with the carbonara which we both ordered. Whilst it advises the chicken can be shared, I polished it off in no time. Call it an empty stomach or tiny portions; either way the chicken was seasoned to perfection and beautifully tender and juicy. I also enjoyed the green veggies you can order as a side, however they we slightly covered in way too much butter, but this is the American way I was told by Americans.

Personally, you cannot go wrong with eating at any of these places. Let me know which ones you visit, I would love to hear what you though of them.