This is a very controversial statement, but I am over Snapchat and loving Instagram Stories right now…

I know that the blogging world is divided over which to use as they are so similar, but I personally love Instagram stories more. I feel that I already have an audience built in with my Instagram feed (do feel free to check it out if you are not already following), the filters are better and you can be so much more creative with it. 
I have started using Instagram Stories much more than before, it gives you an insight into a different side of my life that you don’t always see on the blog. To convince you even more, here are the reason why you should be following me on Instagram Stories…

1. You will see more of my friends that shy away from the blog (sometimes when they are unaware…)
2. You find out how much of an early bird I can be, thanks to my full time job. 
3. I love showing off my surroundings and documenting my day with quick snaps. 
4. There is always one or two boomerangs happening- its the closest I am going to get to doing my own YouTube channel! 
5. You a view into parts of my life that I don’t always document on Instagram.
6. Lee appears! I know you will love him as much as I do. 
7. Random chats. I love doing my little ramblings to you. You may not be answering back, but I still enjoy doing them.  
8. OOTD shots and general fashion shots. I love showing off new purchases and hauls. 
9. Comedy. I have been told I am quite hilarious. Instagram Stories picks up all this. 
10. If you love reading the blog, then Instagram Stories is just an extension of this. 
I hope to see you soon!!