I had one aim when it came to spending in New York…
The first was I was hitting up Sephora. The second was to ensure that the products I purchase I couldn’t get in the UK.
I know that hauls are normally done on YouTube talking about the product, but that’s never going to be me. I really don’t like my voice on camera, I have tried several times to start YouTube but I just don’t think it is going to happen. I don’t have the right equipment or the confidence to do so fully. Maybe one day…
Back to why you are actually ready this post; what I brought in New York. I would like to say that I am fully aware some of these products can be purchased in England, but not where I am from. Where I can I will link onto the website should you wish to purchase. I have tried the majority of these products so mini reviews will always be left:
This brand is exclusive to Sephora. The products are founded by top stylists from New York, Los Angeles and Miami. It is hair care for the modern generation. The dry shampoo is one of the best I have ever used and the Rich Kid Oil Gel is perfect for lazy Sunday wash but getting the ultimate, luxurious hair.
This micellar water is better than the Garnier one that I am addicted to. It smells amazing, so gentle on the skin and leaves my skin clean and feeling soft. 100% stocking up on soon if I can.
I love this palette. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t really venture from a natural eye colour. It gives your eyes but better and has some perfect dark browns for a really nice sultry nighttime eye. I would highly recommend investing in this palette- better than the Naked 2 palette that I adore.
Tarte Unicorn Brushes 
A complete implies buy, but who can resist unicorn brushes?! Have not used them yet as they are far too pretty in my makeup brush holder right now to abuse.
Oh course, I had to pick up Lolita from Kat Von D. I would have been silly not to have taken that with me back to the UK. The colour is just gorgeous, however the formula is not as long lasting as people make out to be. Maybe I am not wearing it right but I find it wears off after a couple of hours.
I am in love with this foundation. You have to build it as it is very light coverage and it takes a while to set (and I have dry skin) but it feels so light and smooth on my skin. Very much worth investment.
The only purchase I 100% knew I was buying before I got to the US. There are now four different fragrances I was going to buy, but in the end I knew going for on of the first fragrances was a win/ win situation. A lovely floral fragrance that I am now constantly wearing.
I have been lusting after this for such a long time. In the end I decided to take the plunge. Gorgeous highlighter, sometimes a little too much for me but I think I need to ensure that I apply it correctly so it is not too scary.
The brand look really interesting, so I thought I would stare with a gentle cleanser. I love this for when I need to quickly wash my face. Very gentle and kind to my skin, perfect for everyday use.
I have heard beauty bloggers rave about the lip scrub so I decided to give it a go. Expensive for what it is but you can make it last and it does the job. The face cream I was introduce to when on of the advisors gave me a mini facial. The product has cucumber so it is really gentle and soothing on my skin, I am trying not to use too much but I love to cover my face it in due to the magic it creates.