Finding My Wedding Dress

Finding My Wedding Dress

I cannot tell you how much I am in love with my wedding dress.
I have fallen in love with shoes and bags in the past, the odd special item I have purchased over the year. But there is truly nothing like the feeling when you are wearing a dress that just makes you feel amazing in it.
It is such a bloody cliche that I didn’t want to fall for, but I did.
When I thought about my dress I was really unsure of what style I was going to go with. I went to a traditional wedding store and while I found some beautiful dresses (including a gorgeous Bardot style one) the prices were just too much and there was nothing in my head that was going to let me okay that cost.
If it is your thing, then go for it. If it is within your budget, then treat yourself. I just could not justify it.

That is when I went to the internet and the high street. There are some amazing options available out there at great affordable prices. Currently I am loving the Toyshop Bridal range (including this incredible number) that would have been a huge contender to my dress had it been launched last year.

I wanted something unique and different and a dress that I was sure no one else would have. Enter La Redoute a great clothing and homeware online store inspired by French style. Not many people have heard of La Redoute, but it is full of amazing classic pieces. Their bridal range is gorgeous and some of them are designer.

My dress was made from a beautiful lace. Designed by Delphine Manivet and was £250. I just love the details in the dress, like the pin tucks that run all the way down the dress. I had to get it taken up as I am very short, but for a normal person the length is perfect.

I could not recommend La Redoute Bridal collection enough for a bride on a budget. I am particularly loving this dress right now. Perfect price and with gorgeous details, that allows you to free you budget up for other things that can give your wedding some extra special details.