This month’s polaroid film series went international….
This month my husband (nope, still not use to this) and I went to New York for the majority of the month. I would have taken a few polaroids prior to this time but honestly, there was too much to organised.
I have to say, that these are the best shots I have ever taken. Maybe it was the great landscapes of NYC, but I am really proud of some of these shots. The on of the 9/11 Memorial particularly is the shot that I am impressed at the most, the shot is particularly moving. 
These shots have inspired me to get serious with my pictures on film, so much so that I invested in a brand new polaroid camera. I am still getting the hang of it but I will let you know how it goes when I publish May’s series. For now, I really hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Jack’s Wife Freda brunch // New York City Clerk Office // The High Line // 
The original Shake Shack in Maddison Square Park // Empire State Building // 
Colourful street in NYC // Carrie Bradshaw’s front door // A delicious Bagel from Black Seed Bagels
A gorgeous cathedral (St. Patricks) on Fifth Avenue // Shake Shack deliciousness // 
A gorgeous street in The Village // The Flatiron building right next to our hotel // Iconic yellow taxi //
Taking in the view from the top of Empire State Building
North East NYC Skyline // Pool One at 9/11 Memorial // Our first meal in NYC at Live Bait // 
Fruit juice at Banter // Grand Central Station // Enjoying Italian at Barbuto // 
A poem on The High Line // South NYC Skyline
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