This post was sponsored by Rekorderlig Cider.

Though there has been a slight cold front this week, Spring time is here in England and I am loving it. There is warmth with a slight breeze, flowers are blooming and everything feels lighter. 
During a rather surprisingly hot weekend, my friend and I decide to celebrate the rare chance of sitting out in the warm weather and have a picnic on my balcony. As mentioned, with warm weather comes light options- including food and drink.

Rekorderlig Cider takes me back to warm, sunny evenings with my uni friends; when exams have finally finished and we enjoyed relaxing on the grass, thankful for the fact the worst part of the year was over. As part of our light picnic we decided to go with a mixture of our favourite things. Rekorderlig Cider are starting a great campaign, #starttheswedishway which incorporates Rekorderlig’s signature branding along with Sweden’s love for Spring.

This Sunday is Walpurgis Eve, a great holiday that many in Sweden celebrate as the beginning of spring. As a public holiday there are bonfires and huge public gatherings to enjoy all the benefits that come with Spring. One thing I most enjoy about Spring is having that light, cool, crisp sip of a nice cider. Rekorderlig is not just any cider, they are known for their blending of fruit to create unique taste. my favourite has to be Strawberry Lime, which should be serve over ice with fresh mint and lime wedges for a fresh, zesty taste.

This Spring/ Summer I vow to ensure I enjoy the warm weather should hopefully come our way, more time out on my balcony, enjoying a good book with a good bottle of cider. Could you ask for a more perfect Spring evening?

Be sure to share your #starttheswedishway with Rekorderlig’s Instagram and peruse the other pictures for inspiration on the get the most out of these next few months.