There was a lot of planning to do for this trip to NYC…

Truth be told the wedding side of it was actually quite simple (post coming very soon on that). The holiday/ honeymoon side of it, that was a little bit more difficult. 
I have been to New York once (only for three days) back when I was at university, but Lee however has never been. Whilst we wanted to ensure we had the best wedding day and spend a lot of time together, we also wanted to make sure we got the most out of the city. 
We were very much on the same side that we didn’t want to do anything too touristy, we were very much contempt with living like locals, drinking cwoffeeee and wandering the streets, taking the city and the culture in. However, New York is HUGE so you need some help to make sure you make the most of your time out there. Here are my top picks to help you plan your trip to New York with smoothness and ease…. 
If you were going to get an insiders guide to NYC, The New York Times were the place to go to! Though the guide is brief on New York City, it covers the neighbourhoods and beyond and had I gotten this at the beginning of our trip, we would have certainly maybe looked at visiting other places. A great guide for ensuring you make the most of your time.
If you want a guide to know where the cool millennials are visiting, this is the book to read. Filled with great coffee shop suggestions (as noted by my new barista husband) not only will you look chic and in the know how with this guide; it provides the perfect Instagram backdrop. 
Great essays on this beautiful city, this guide covers everything: hotels, site seeing, food and shopping. This guide is for serious travellers but if you are content to sit down with it one evening and give it a proper read; you will get some great tips on how to navigate the city. 
Blog Posts
How could I not give a shout out to my fellow bloggers? Whilst travel guides are great and filled with expert advice, bloggers will give you honest reviews on places and know some of the best places to go. And, oh course, you spend afternoons staring at the gorgeous pictures they have taken!