Sorry for being a bit MIA this weekend, but I have a pretty good excuse…

This weekend the squad picked me up from my home and took me on my hen do. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing but I was excited to going on the journey. 
It is hard for me to give up creative control and let someone take over, but I have every trust in these guys that they would be able to organise something amazing. Literally I would have never guessed what they planned and I am so glad that I let go and put my trust in their hands. 
We started on a two hour car journey where I had no idea where I was going (and google maps was not helping because it thought we were driving in reverse down the motorway). About ten mins out from our first location, I was ask to put on a blind fold and once I took it off I was in the middle of a forest. That place was Delamere Forest near Chester and the home of Go Ape, where we were to go trekking up in the tree tops. 
Excitement levels soared up. This is my idea of heaven! Literally doing an assault course in the trees, climbing, jumping, zip lining- I was in my element! 

I could not recommend this enough! You get training on how to work your clips and locks (totally not the technical term for them but go with it) and off you go. There was one course in particular that I adored, it was right near a lake with some beautiful views. 
It was so peaceful, people were truly throwing themselves into it (shoutout to Danny who did the extreme course on all of the stations and Becca who even though she was terrified, completed everything). The forest is also open to the public so there were people who were walking with their families and four legged friends enjoying the surroundings. 
After completing the outdoor activity, we headed to the outskirts of Chester to our hotel for some relaxation in the hotel’s pool- much needed after an afternoon of being Bear Grills. After I steamed and sauna’d all the stress out of me, we got ready for a late meal at Picanha by Fazenda. People truly know me so well- all you can eat meat? Count me in! 
The next morning we woke up with slightly sore heads after going out for some drinks. A quick shower and packing our rooms, we headed off on another adventure to Chester Zoo. It was gorgeous weather to be wandering outside and being at one of the largest zoos in UK, what more could a bride to be ask for? 


I have to give a shoutout to the iPhone 7 Plus for the pictures taken this weekend. There was no way I was taking my DSLR not knowing where we were going or what we were doing, so all photo documentation was done on my phone. I am impressed with some of the pictures, personally I don’t think they turned out to badly! 
I had a lovely weekend and am truly grateful for the friends that I have. They organised a great adventure and I was so happy to spend some quality time with all of us together.