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11 April 2017


This month was fully packed with adventures for me to capture...

Yes, March was fully packed and I could not wait to photograph everything. There are so many adventures that I went on and I cannot wait to show you them all!

my hen do // in the hotel having fun

cocktails on my hen do dinner // my calendar is so pretty this month // the bridal squad // 
some gorgeous cookies sent to me thanks to Home Sense // elephants at Chester Zoo (clearly) //
street I like to do outfit photos on // Becca and Danny at Chester Zoo // the storm of getting ready

some of my favourite cocktails at The Cocktail Experience // brunch with Lucinda at Laynes // 
the giraffes at Chester Zoo // cocktails with Danny // 
an attempt at taking a picture of the jaguar at Chester Zoo // Instagram collaboration with Good Grains // glasses selfie // Mexican food with Danny

food with Danny at cielo blanco // taking a coffee break at La Bottega Milanese // 
a gorgeous building in Leeds city centre

See the polaroid series so far:


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