I am the absolute worst at doing this….

People always ask me how I fit everything in when it comes to working full time and blogging. The truth is, I have known nothing else, ever since I got my first ever part time job, I have never really had time to myself. I work most weekends during my GCSE and A Level years and when I went to uni, it didn’t get better. I studied Monday- Friday, 9am- 5pm with a two hour lunch break that I would work for one hour during almost every day. On weekend I would put a full days of work in. 
I rarely take annual leave from work unless it is for a trip or an occasion I cannot miss, so come January- March when I have so much holiday left, I tend to take a lot of time off and during that time- I’m blogging, creating content every day. 
Recently I have recognise my limit. I am understanding that my body in it’s old age us telling me that I need to not slow down, but take time off. You may have noticed that I have not done a lot of Instagram over the last few days. This is me somewhat taking a digital detox, which is part of me recognising I need some me time.  
If you are a workaholic like me, you might find these tips handy in order to find your centre and fully rest your mind: 
This is one of the hardest things for me to do. Whilst I can put my phone down and ignore it for a few hours, I find it hard not to look at screens. I look at computer screens at work for 8 hours and then my laptop for a few hours while I am blogging. Every now and then, I like to just make sure I look at nothing rectangle. This can be either cooking, drawing or looking at a more non- harsh rectangle in the form of a magazine or a book. Stepping away from the digital world just helps rest my eyes and clears my mind. 
This is a first for me. I never used to nap unless it was an actual disco nap that allow for maximum partying during Third Year. But actually having a nap actually allows me to feel so much more refresh. As long as I have no longer than an hour and a half, I feel more alive, fresh and ready to take on anything. 
This could be just me (this is probably me) but I find a good tidy of the home really soothes me and gives me back some control when life feels chaotic. I love being organised so ensuring my house is neat and in order just makes me feel at ease. 
On a great day, going for a simple walk is perfect for clearing your head. I live next to a canal so it is perfect for walking along with Lee. Not only do I get some couple time with him, but I get to speak to him about something other than work or blogging. 
I love nothing better than chilling in a coffee shop, with a cuppa in hand either flicking through a magazine or watch passer bys. I love getting inspiration for outfits or generally just creeping on people. Watching the world go by really does turn off my mind and allow me to focus and de stress. 
What do you do to switch off?