Playing around with my flat’s interiors is one of my favourite past times…

I think in a past life I was an interior decorator. Or that I have missed my calling. For now, I enjoy playing decorator and designer in my own home, creating a gorgeous living space.
With this I like to move things depending on my mood, what the space is used for and time of year. Lee and I got this side board last year (no longer on the website but smaller version available here) and it has gone through many changes since.
To give you an idea on how you can play with the space, here are three ideas you can style your sideboard, hopefully to inspire you and give you inspiration for your own home.


Idea number one: be inviting with a good cup of coffee. Our sideboard sits next to our living room door, so it makes sense to have unusual coffee instruments on display to entice questions and allow the opportunity to offer a hot beverage.
I also love these twigs as a different way of introducing nature into your home, along with a terrarium that I desperately need to fill.


Idea number two: music. Lee and I brought this record player between us as a joint Christmas present to each other. We both love it and it currently sits proudly on our sideboard; allowing us to put a record on in the evening and enjoy some music. Put up a current vinyl you are enjoy, along with a selection nearby for people to look and muse over.



Idea number three: temporary bart cart. Before I built my own, this is where the spirits sat in our house. Again, much like the coffee, it’s a great focal point when you enter a room. Grab yourself a drink at the end of a hard days work or have as an easy station to navigate to when entertaining.
How would you display your sideboard?