The Body Shop have a new fragrance range and I am in LOVE with it!! 

I recently went to a The Body Shop event and was introduce the new Elixirs of Nature fragrance range. The range is a botanical mash up, taking some of the rarest and beautiful plant species on the planet and blending them with natural essences to create some beautiful fragrances. 
Being The Body Shop, they are all about satiability, so whilst they are taking rare species to create their new perfume, they are also protecting endangered plants for future generations. The five fragrances cover all the different scent ranges you could possibly love; from luxurious formal infusion to a deep woody scent. 

I tend to lean towards the more masculine deep fragrances and fell in love with the following two fragrances; Bowhanti Eau De Parfum and Widdringtonia Eau De Parfum. Both had wood base notes, but are very different to each other. Bowhanti is more smokey and spicy, containing notes of juniper, cinnamon and patchouli- perfect for date night or evening cocktails. Widdringtonia is more earthy, containing notes of sage, nutmeg and bergamot. If feels more natural and light, perfect for the day but still being rich in scent. 
The fragrances are so reasonable in price, at only £28.00 each for 50ml. I would snap them up while you can because I have a feeling these are going to disappear pretty soon. What type of fragrances do you like?