Through the grey clouds outside, the sun is starting to peak through…

Spring is on its way and by all means I am prepping my skin for Spring. Soon I will be enjoying alfresco dining (albeit I will be wrapped up in layers) lighter evenings and holiday plans (more on this soon, I promise!)
The thing I love the most about Spring/ Summer is that golden glow you can get from that glorious summer weather. As someone who is pale, I do not like to spend too much time in the sunshine, so the glow has to be achieved with my skincare routine.
These are the products that are a must have for getting that natural glow without being a slay to the rays. First off, water. Your glow comes from within so make sure you feed your skin with lots of water. I am the first to say I am lazy with this, I can quite easily forget to drink water. However, since I have started being religious about it, my skin has felt better in texture. Set a little reminder on your computer or phone (I have this cute app whereby the more water I drink and record a little plant grows). The simple things that motivate me.
Kiel’s Nightly Refining Micro- Peel Concentrate Serum: Before my morning routine can begin, my skincare starts the night before. After cleansing, I load my face with oil serums to make sure my skin is prepped for a good night sleep. This micro- peel is light and gentle whilst being effective. A few drops and boom! Gorgeous smooth skin in the morning. I literally saw results within two days of using it religiously.
Pixi Glow Tonic: After cleaning my skin with my usual cleanser and exfoliator, I love using the beloved Pixi Glow Tonic Toner which helps clears up all my skin and get rid of anything nasty on my face. It also helps promote that glow from within. Perfect for prepping my skin.
Fountain The Glow Molecule: I love this product. A few drops in my orange juice in the morning of straight up whilst making my breakfast and my skin is illuminating. I have only used this for a few days but there is some serious glow action happening from within.
Hylamide Booster Glow: My newest product that I am also loving. This product helps with uneven skin tone and is DHA free (no biscuit smell). The product helps to a radiant backdrop, with the keto- sugar within the product helping to product a golden tone within 2- 3 days; aka a self tanner with no nasties. Lovely, glowing skin.
The Chemistry Brand Glow Oil Dry Body Oil: For an all over body glow, I love using this product from your Deciem Beauty Group. Shake well and apply the oil over your skin and allow a natural build up within 2- 3 days. DHA free and again, using the keto- sugar, helps build up a natural tan. Add to your moisturiser or apply straight onto the skin.
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Skin Care Primer: With all the skincare, I still like to use a bit of makeup to help add more of a glow to my face. Wonder glow is such a light product which give my skin a boost. From glam to wow with a few drops. I love wearing this product on its own on a Sunday if I need to pop out.
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: I do not travel anywhere without this. Need cheekbones, just grab this and boom! Hello Gigi Hadid! The highlight is perfect for fair skin at giving a rosy golden glow. The bronze is also the perfect shade for giving you a English glow; natural and light.
A few sprits of my fave perfume and I am out of the door ready to take on the day with my glow. What are your must have products for a natural glow?