Are you ready for a home tour?

I am hoping little by little, I will be able to give you a full home tour, but for now I will show the one section of my flat that is fully done.
The living room is probably the most used room in Lee and I’s flat, and I am quite proud of what I have been able to create in the space. It has taken a LONG time to create this (we are going on a year now) and there are still a few things I wanna do or style (see small gap on the book shelf.
So let me take you on a visual tour and talk you through a few things…


This little man nook (as this is Lee’s man chair) is the newest section of the living room. There is the bar cart which I made myself (blog post here) peeking out from behind and Lee’s beautiful Sherlock Holmes arm chair from here.
I have recently rearranged my bookcase and streamlined the book collection so it looks so much stylish. I am hoping to get a few more books such as the classic with the gorgeous covers.  Finally, I have been wanting to get this lamp from IKEA forever and it is finally mine!


I find a good scent is important to creating a calming atmosphere,  and as you can see by the glass, this candle is my go to for my living room. Le Labo Laurier 62 is the bomb! I got this candle made on my 25th birthday, so not only does fill my room with a lovely floral scent, it also contains good memories.


The key to creating an interesting space is textures. Whilst I could happily live in a world with all white furniture, I am happy I have introduce different coloured woods and materials into my flat. These cork coasters turn these simple white mugs into something unique.
This box that contains my magazines that I have collected on my travels was from Homesense. Also, this metal lamp is from Homesense and I adore it! It was on my bedside table, but I have finally got two matching ones.
Also, can we talk about this rug? This is the pride and joy of my flat right now. This gorgeous rug can be found right here on the La Redoute website and have I mentioned it has it’s own Instagram account? Grab yours while you can, there is currently 30% off everything and I know this is going to go fast so do not wait around!


My desk has now been adopted by Lee as a work space for his artwork, which is fine with my now I have my dressing table set up properly now in our bedroom- I can happily work there in peace.
I have a secret box you can see poking out at the side of the sofa that contains spare pillows and blankets to keep snugged. I also love my big palm plant, I feel that having some plant life in your living space makes a huge different, it just feels so much fresher and brighter.


So yer this is my space. There are few tweaks I want to do (such as get a bigger TV, it looks so small in the space!) but for now I enjoy hanging out in this space.
I am hoping to do more of these as and when my flat develops and I finally get everything sorted. My bedroom will be a long off as I need to save pennies for my ultimate wardrobe so most likely my kitchen will be the next space I will show off. Do let me know which spaces you want to see and I will ensure I make sure that space looks extra special ready for the pictures.