I have a new beauty company who’s products I am absolutely adoring!!

I recently went into my local Oliver Bonas and picked up the Oh K! Under eye Masks as a whim. I just needed something to make my tired, puffy eyes go away. First go and I was absolutely loving them. They tightened up the skin around my eyes, removed the redness and gave them the wow factor they were in desperate need for.
Not to stop there, I decided to invest in some more of the Oh K! products to see what this brand was all about. It is inspire by Korean beauty cosmetics (which we all know create some of the best beauty products!) I was first interested in the Coffee Bean Hydrogel Face Mask, as sheet masks are 100% the beauty product you should be investing in for 2017. The sheet mask contains coffee bean mask and the hydrogel formula to brighten dull skin and tighten for lovely plump skin. This mask has also been on the hangover test and has passed with flying colours!
The next product I tested was the Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask. I am not going to lie, the peel aspect was what drew me in. Also, I had no idea what I was in for. You simply add the product into the booties, tie them up, walk around the house like a weirdo while the product works (warning, be wary on wooden flooring!). At first you think nothing has work other than you feet smell quite fruity. However, wait until 4 days later when you are very concerned about the skin on your feet starting to peel away. Yes it sounds so gross. But 100% worth it. my feet look so fresh and all that dead winter skin has finally gone! Worth the investment!
I cannot wait to invest in some more products from the brand; which ones would you recommend?