My secret food love is fish tacos…

Need a mid week, tasty dinner? look no further!
Thanks to Lucinda who introduced me to beer- battered fish tacos, I am craving them and will order them any chance I get. 
I am not able to create them at home as we don’t have a fryer (and I also do not trust myself around a huge vat of boiling oil…) I have managed to discover a recipe that curbs my cravings. Thanks to Rosie from The Londoner (I am sure you have read her blog), I gave her recipe a go and absolutely loved it! 

Not wanting to keep it to myself, here is the recipe with a few tweaks but equally as tasty- enjoy!

(Makes two portions) 

– half white cabbage
– 1 green apple (granny smith)
– 2 servings of smoked haddock (used normal haddock if not a fan of smoked fish)
– paprika
– cayenne pepper
For the dressing:
– 4 tbsp natural yoghurt
– lemon juice
– hot sauce
– paprika
– 1 tsp runny honey
– 1 tbsp water
Slice up your cabbage and your apple into thin slices. Toss together and place into your serving bowl. Place to one side, covering with a tea towel to stop your apple going brown. Otherwise, you can squeeze some lemon juice over it as this will stop it also. 
For the dressing get a squeezy bottle and put all ingredients in. Shake up and test, altering it to your taste. This should last a week and is the perfect healthy dressing for any other salads you may have over the week.

Cook your fish as instructed on the packet (usually takes no more than five mins on a frying pan. Serve over your salad when cooked. Add a dollop of guacamole (you can make your own but really who has time for that?) and cover in your dressing. Serve and enjoy!

It is the perfect easy recipe to make yourself after a hard days work. It doesn’t cost that much either and takes no more than 20 mins to make- making it the perfect mid week dinner. Do let me know how you get on making it and what different combinations you go for.