This post is sponsored by Homesense.


It is the start of wedding seasons. Spring has come to England, the weather is starting to be so lush and soon, weekends will be taken up with celebrating special moments with friends and family.
I think the thing that stresses me the most about going to a wedding is the gift giving side of it. Majority of couples I have had the honour of being present at their wedding have wanted cash towards their married life, but I always want to be a bit different and give them cash but towards something that will be inspiring to them as a couple and make their gift extra special.
This is why I love gift cards. Gift cards are a fantastic thing to give people to give them some inspiration towards what they purchase. Many store have great look books that give you amazing ideas on how to create your own unique living space. As a fellow soon- to- be newlywed, money towards improving our home is at the top of our list. We have what I call the boring items, but I would love some pennies towards something excited and what we would usually treat ourselves to.
Homesense is a great place to get these unique, special pieces. Their buyers travel the globe to curate products to sell in their stores. Their new store in St. James’ Retail Park in Knaresborough is opening 16 March and with several deliveries every week bringing thousands of new items to the store, I cannot wait to go bargain hunting for affordable, individual products.
The average value of cash given to newlyweds as a present is £50.00. With this in mind, I challenge myself to purchase £50.00 worth of items to show exactly what you can get for your money, but also inspiration of actual gifts you can purchase, if you really want to give them a physical gift.



My first idea is cookware/ dining ware. Because, let’s face it, everyone needs kitchenware and though a newly married couple will most likely have pots and pans, this couple wouldn’t say no to a brand new set if someone gifted them with it. This cask iron skillet pan was so reasonably price, especially for branded homeware. I also found this huge cookbook that is full of every recipe possible, with pictures for every step of your cooking way.
Another idea is dining ware focus on the couples favourite cuisine. For example, I love moules so this moules pan is the perfect gift for me. Or these gorgeous oriental bowls, so when we have Chinese takeaway night- we can serve our food in style!
I also found the Jamie Oliver range within store and I fell in love with their wooden serving boards- perfect for entertaining. Along with this, a great bargain on branded champagne glasses. You really cannot go wrong for kitchenware.
The one thing I love about Homesense is that the stock big labels and designer gems at 60% less than the recommended retail price. Which made these gorgeous Le Creuset espresso cups even more of a fabulous buy. In the perfect colours for his and hers for when we do our brunch in bed for our morning shot of coffee.



Moving away from the kitchen and dining room, Homesense has a great selection of decoration. Their textile collection is just everything, this gorgeous throw cushion goes great on our man chair. I was also really lucky to find this trinket tray which is great for storing my engagement ring for safe keeping. Forgive my punn, but how gorgeous is it?!
Everyone home in my mind needs to be filled with candles and Homesense does not disappoint. This one is so fresh and delicate and such a good price for a two wick candle. Perfect little gift to give as a little wedding gift that I know any bride would love.
With weddings comes pictures, so heading to the picture frame section to pick up a unique frame to display their happy memories of their special day is a fail proof gift to get anyone. If you are not sure of their taste, a gift card is your safe bet; knowing how much of a great selection they have- they will be in safe hands.
The Knaresborough store opens at 10am on 16 March and as part of their celebrations, a curiosity cabinet will be in store to give shoppers the opportunity to win gift cards from £30.00 or more. The store will be dual sited with TX Maxx so if you need some fashion inspiration, you are not too far from it.
What items would you purchase from Homesense? Do you have any great gift ideas for newlyweds?