Finding Key Pieces for Your Personal Style

This posts was sponsored by TK Maxx
My personal style is something that I have perfected over time and if I am honest, I am still perfecting to this day. I have the basics down but there is always room for improvement, whether it be  in terms of different cuts, fabrics or brands.
As my pay cheque has increased in size, so has my taste for expensive brands. This is not always great for my bank balance, but thankfully there is a solution for ensure big brands in your wardrobe at little prices….


Thanks to TK Maxx, you have a world of affordable, designer fashion at your finger tips. Not only can you find brands that you will have very much have heard of, but you will also find unique designers and brands that will ensure your wardrobe stands out from the crowd. Recently, there has been a joint TK Maxx and Home Sense store opened up near me in Knaresborough so I can ensure that both my closet and my home get affordable upgrades without breaking the bank.
TK Maxx can be a bit overwhelming to shop in, but the key is to ensure that you focus on finding the key pieces that will be perfect editions to your wardrobe. For me, I cannot go wrong with purchasing a classic trench coat, a stripe tee, a good pair of skinny jeans and a stylish cross over bag. Lucky for me I found this Mango Suit trench coat for a bargain price and this lovely little navy bag which I swear is a dupe for a major designer but hardly made a dent in my credit card.
A trench coat is perfect for my personal style as it is the perfect light jacket for this transitional weather we are suffering with right now (seriously, rain, sunny. I don’t mind which one, just make you mind up!) and the camel colour allows it to go with many of my pieces. Recently I have been in love with cross body bags (stylish and practical) and this navy again goes with everything in my wardrobe. Also I cannot get over the little bee logo on the front. Though small, it fits in my essentials which means I can ensure a light bag and I can get on with my day.



I cannot wait to go back to Knaresborough to get some more pieces to keep my personal style looking fabulous as it always is. It is just good to know that we have a place nearby to ensure affordable, quality fashion pieces are available. Lucky for you guys, TK Maxx has loads of stores nationwide, so you are just a stone’s throw away from getting your fashion fix.
What are the key pieces to your personal style?