It’s not like I needed another candle to add to my collection, but this was took dreamy to walk away from…

First off, I love the packaging, the colours are amazing! I have decided to have this on my dressing table in my bedroom and the scent is perfect for a relaxing floral room.
I have never really had an obsession for Diptyque candles due to the price (somehow this doesn’t translate to The White Company Candles…) but every now and then there is a sent that just catches me and I could not purchase it!
You do not even have to light it for that long, just half an hour or an hour and that’s it, bedroom has been transformed. The rose scent is so mature and relaxing, I feel very grown up and together when I have lit this candle. The musk undertone is also divine and enchanting.
Definitely something I would recommend investing in, it is perfect for enhancing a room and making a statement.