I am sooooo happy for the new The Body Shop range!

I have written many of times about my skin troubles and how dry and sensitive it is. Because of this, I really struggle with some products, especially if it contains perfume or heavily scented.
When I saw the launch of the new range from The Body Shop (BTW, excellent campaign poster!) I was so grateful for a brand to finally focus on this area. So many times new skincare launches are fancy and exciting- when you have to go for something that is natural and none fragrant, it tends to be a little too bland for brands to want to do.
The almond milk and honey range is not boring, in fact the simple packaging is very chic, making it a cute product to display in your bathroom. The smell is amazing, considering that there is nothing added to these products. I purchased three of the basic products from the range, things I knew I would use on a daily basis and would be able to give an honest review about. The timing for this range was also perfect, as due to the cold weather my skin is terribly dry and irritated so perfect for testing out skincare that claims to sooth and restore.
First off I went with the shower cream, a good boost of cleansing power that respects your skins natural moisture barrier and pH. Non stripping it helps to add moisture and is very cleansing without being too harsh on your skin. Next is the cream scrub. This is perfect for any sensitive skin to get rid of that dry skin layer without causing irritation. I find some cream scrubs are not harsh enough but this one seems to get a good balance.
Finally, you cannot walk away from The Body Shop without getting the body butter. Normally I save the body butters for my Sunday beauty routine but this I have been using every day! It is perfectly moisturising, fast dry and leaves my skin with a subtle scent without being too empowering.
I honestly love this range and cannot wait to invest in more of the products I have already purchased. I do hope this is not a limited edition range and something I will continue to be able to purchase in the years to come.