This has literally been my dream for the past three years…

I have wanted a bar cart for FOREVER!! I have been fascinated with having a bar cart, it’s the perfect social utility for keeping your spirits in one place, looking pretty. I have Emily Gilmore to thank for that, she made cocktail hour look amazing and so regal (true spirit animal).
Our last place was too small so I promised myself as soon as we got our bigger and new place, I was getting my bar cart. Whilst I wish I could afford the Oliver Bonas or the Anthropologie ones, I am not that rich so to get the type of bar cart I wanted, I was going to have to get creative.
A lover of the flat pack furniture, IKEA has many pieces that are so affordable, sometimes plain but easily jazzable. This trolley was £18.00, the materials to turn it from basic to luxury were about £20.00 so in total this bar cart was £38.00, a fraction of the cost of any nice bar cart you can buy out there right now.




Top shelf is the good booze, the best whisky, some Moet and a new vodka I have been wanting to try for ages. The second shelf is glasses, tonic and cocktail maker instruments and tools. The third shelf is for the everyday spirits or the ones not pretty enough to be on permanent display.
I am in love. I think the fact I made it myself makes it special to me. I have nearly had a cocktail everyday but I actually enjoy experimenting with different cocktails rather than needing a drink. I cannot wait to start a cocktail series for you guys to enjoy. I also need to host so many more parties and gatherings so that I can be continuously serving people beautifully made drinks.