A couple of weeks ago, Lee and I escaped from Leeds for a mini get away…

We didn’t go far, just to Manchester which is around the corner from Leeds. But it was nice to be out of our home town and away from it all even if it was only a flying visit. 
We didn’t do much and to be honest I wanted to blog and do this whole post on the visit but I actually enjoyed switching off. Whilst I share a lot of my life on my blog, it’s nice to keep a few things to myself, though there were a lot of Instagrams that I took!! 
There was one place however I could not resist taking pictures of and doing a mini write up about. You know me and brunch, if there is somewhere offering good brunch, you know I am going to be there! Evelyn’s Cafe & Bar is not strictly a brunch only place but with it’s gorgeous, photogenic dishes and gorgeous interior, you can see why I was attracted to it. 

The place offers a verity of unusual dishes and drinks (anyone up for a peanut butter and jelly latte?) but all are full of flavour and leave an impression. Being a boring couple, we both order the exact same dish of shakshuka and boy we were not disappointed. Though a little spicy for me (however I find lemon and herb a bit too spicy at Nandos so do not take my word for it!), the eggs were perfect and I enjoyed the flavour combination in the actual tomato sauce itself. 
Evelyn’s is based in the Northern Quarter on Tib Street, there are plenty of hotel’s near by so you will be in easy reach of it from your hotel no matter where you stay.