Over time, my personal style has developed and changed…

My mum’s favourite saying to me when I was younger was ‘it’s not a fashion parade you know?’ I had my own take on personal style and nobody could tell me what to wear. I lived for fashion and when I got to actually studied it at university- dream come true. 
Recently, I feel my style has gotten into a bit of a rut. I am that typical girl now that has a floor covered in closes and NOTHING to wear. Or I am wearing the same outfit over and over again because I know it won’t let me down. 
I love the feeling of newness about January. I love that it’s a automatic fresh start for anything, and for me I am starting with my wardrobe. If you are stuck in a rut like me, here are my tips for finding fashion inspiration. 


I have been addicted to fashion magazines since I was little. I have vogues going back for god knows how long and a good bit of my monthly budget is given to buying magazines. There is so much inspiration to find inside them. Whilst some can outfits can be quite out there for creative reasons and visual appeal, it is not hard to breakdown the photo and find the key elements of the outfit that you like. For example, it could by those gorgeous knee high boots that attracted you to the page or the way the models make up is done. Dissect and take inspiration from there. 
Seems like an obvious one, but these professionals know how to style an outfit! You don’t have to copy a complete look, take elements from your wardrobe and style it the way they did. Go for bloggers that really capture your own personal style, look at the links shown on their website- you will find some great high street pieces that you had no idea existed. 
The mother of all style inspiration. You only need to use the hashtags #personalstyle and #whatiwore to find tons of amazing street shots of personal style. I am a sucker for a great outfit against a gorgeous backdrop. Spend hours scrolling, screen grab your favourite pictures and you can store them for later for last minute inspiration. 
More often than not, I have gained inspiration from simply shopping for new clothes. But rather than purchasing, I tend to look at the model in the pictures of the pieces that I like and how the outfit has been put together. Whilst the odd item may end up in my basket, I am aware of some of the other pieces that I have available in my wardrobe that together will help me to put an outfit together. 
This is not as creepy as it sounds. Whilst enjoying a coffee at my favourite stop, I like to watch the world go by. This also includes looking at people who walk in or are out and about on the street. Every now and then a girl will walk by and I will get total outfit envy. Next time you get the chance to people watch, take a mental snapchat. 

Where are your favourite places to gain style inspiration?