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16 January 2017


So you fancy upping your blogging game?

Since my blog is in it's third year, I am super charging it and upping the blogs game. I am not going to go new layout since I have only had this layout for a few months, but you would be surprise at a few simple steps you can do to standout from the rest of the blogging crowd...

01. Take Better Photos
You do not need to be a professional photographer to take good photos; other than my A Levels, I have no proper photography training. If you are serious about taking your blog to the next level, you have to invest in a good camera and do some research. Which bloggers do your most admire for their pictures, what do they do? Learn from the styling you like. Never put up a photo up that you are not 100% pleased with, use natural light where you can and make the focus the most interesting part of picture. Your pictures are the first thing readers are drawn to when they first go to your blog- make an impression that lasts. 

02. Schedule Your Social Media
This is very important as I find Twitter is the main place for readers to find new bloggers- this is where most of my engagement comes from. You don't want to be too spammy with the posts and you do not want to be too robotic about your posts. I have mentioned before how I love to schedule blog posts so that natural posts are more organic. Scheduling Apps allow you to shorten your URL (more room for some hashtags where needed). You can also schedule for good times of the day to put up posts: early morning, mid afternoon and evening is perfect. 

03. Say Your Pleases & Thank Yous
I sound like my mum when I say this, but it is 100% true. The best relationships I have made with brands are the ones where I have sent a Thank You Card and I can tell you right now, it makes a difference. It says that your not just in it for the freebies, you are willing to make a connection with this brand and have a lasting relationship. Pick up a pack from John Lewis and have them in your office or at your blogging desk to keep handy and write them as soon as you receive products or have come back from an event. 

04. Plan Out Your Posts
I spend one day a month figuring out the posts I want to do that month, things I wanna write about and places I want to visit and review. Sometimes there are times where an event will come up and you were expecting it, but by having a plan it gives you a sense of peace and calm. A rule I like to live by is to have my posts scheduled at least two weeks in advance, that way, if there is an event or a brand who want a post up in a certain time, I have some random posts I can move as they are not seasonal and fit in anywhere in the month. Recipes, how- to posts and style pictures are perfect for shuffling where you need to. 

05. Be Professional
Always be nice and reply to emails in a timely manner. Think of yourself as a business and work with brands as you would if you were working a 9- 5 job. If you want to go to the next level, you have to have a good work ethnic and do what it takes to get things done. If this means finishing your really job at 5:00pm, going to the gym for an hour, sorting out house things, spending time with love ones and then blogging until 2:00am in the morning, then its got to be done. Trust me I have been there for the past few months, and whilst I feel like I haven't had a proper day off in a while, the opportunities the blog has been a part of makes it worth it. 

06. Brand Your Blog & Yourself
By all means, do not stop being yourself to get your blog noticed, readers can smell this a mile off. But thing of your blog and ultimately you as a brand and this will help you step up to the next level. You might be blogging from the sofa, but with a sharp blog layout, a logo for your blogger header and some professional business cards will go a long way. Have all your social media's looking the same and continuous on all platforms. 

Do these tips help? What do you do to up your blogging game?


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